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Flower power bottles

Materials: DRYCK-BLABAR bottles, glass marker, owen, metal sponge

Description: Label of the Ikea DRYCK BLABAR bottle is very difficult to remove. The adhesive is very persistent. After an hour of soaking in hot water, I used a metal sponge that I removed the label. With glass marker I draw a bouquet of flowers on a dry bottle. The bottle was put in an oven preheated to 160 degrees Celsius for an hour and a half. Now my home made elderberry syrup has a new look.

See more of the flower power bottles.

~ Alja, Slovenia


Big warm welcome to our new site sponsor, O’verLays!

When Cheryle and Danika showed me what they’ve done over at O’verlays, I was instantly impressed. My mind was racing with all kinds of projects that I can start with their fretwork panels. In a nutshell, O’verlays is a “make-my-IKEA-beautiful-made-easy” embellishment! They’ve designed the panels to fit popular IKEA pieces such as MALM, RAST, PAX, EXPEDIT, EFFEKTIV and LACK. Just peel and stick the lightweight panels made from PVC foam composite to a clean surface. You can then trim and paint it to your heart’s delight.

Add a little marvellous to your dresser
Wardrobe doors get a glamorous makeover

Drop by O’verlays for more ideas on personalising your IKEA furniture.

~ Jules

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4 Responses to Flower power bottles

  1. Sara Bellum says:

    Actually, it isn’t that expensive to request a custom size either. I have old bathroom cabinets that need sprucing. They’re not Ikea, but they could work.

  2. MadMooby says:

    These O’verlays are BRILLIANT! I would love to see less geometric shapes….maybe something more swirly and ornate, but they are just the greatest idea ever….I can’t wait to try them.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Is is safe to have a lit candle next to the carvings that are made from foam pvc? I would worry that they are extremely flammable.

  4. I love carvings on the lamp on the dresser; it’s almost as though it were made of real ivory. I can imagine a variation of this lamp where a small candle is placed at the base, within the round walls, so the warm light simply glows through the intricate carvings. Wonderful.

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