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Custom IKEA bar with storage and prep area

hacked IKEA Bar with Expedit

Materials: EXPEDIT shelves, NUMERAR Countertop, CAPITA Brackets, VIKA BYSKE Leg

Description: I needed a versatile bar for my balcony and this is what I came up with. It has customizable storage and a tucked away prep area. It is also easy to get in and out of because of the single leg.

hacked IKEA Bar with Expedit

Expedit has many extras you can add for further customization:
- The wine rack insert
- The door insert
- The drawer insert

Construction is fairly straight forward. The brackets are the only tricky part.

1. Screw only one corner of the Capita brackets to the Numerar countertop at the desired location (a few inches from the edges). Not too tight, you may need adjustment.
2. Align the brackets to the edges of the countertop.
3. Measure the distance between the two bolts on the brackets and use that measurement to drill 2 large holes through the top of the Expedit at the desired spot.
4. Insert the Capita brackets through the holes with the countertop attached and get them straight. If the Vika Byske leg is not on yet you will need 2 people for this. If the holes are not fully aligned you should still be able to adjust because of only using only the 1 screw above.
5. Once you are satisfied that everything is straight and lined up you can use a pen or anything sharp to mark out the remainder of the holes for the bracket screws.
6. Remove the countertop from the Expedit and screw in the remaining screws.
7. Reattach and bolt the Capita’s to the Expedit.
8. Attach Vika Byske leg to the countertop.
9. Place the bar where it is needed and adjust the leg until the bar is level.

See more of the Expedit bar.

~ Ryan, California

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Jules Yap

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11 Responses to Custom IKEA bar with storage and prep area

  1. Phoenix kitchen cabinets says:

    Nice sharing…keep it up

  2. I would like to write about that hack, your website and the smart solutions that all IKEA-fans out there have posted here. Is it okay to borrow pictures from the site and write about them in my blog? I will of course write where the picture comes from and link back to this website.

  3. Anonymous says:

    whoops, found what the stools are on your blog. thanks!

  4. Anonymous says:

    where are those stools from?

  5. OmoBeanz says:

    For those worried about safety:
    The railing is at elbow height when sitting so if you have a habit of falling out of office chairs then yes, you may have a problem and may need to see your doctor ;) In fact the railing is higher on your body than when you are standing so it is no more dangerous.

    @Zulaya: The Expedit is fairly hollow in the middle with a kind of honeycomb cardboard filling. It would probably not hold well with regular screws but the CAPITA Brackets have a large flange on either side making them pretty solid. Around the edges it’s pretty solid though.

    @Erika: Try the ‘Start Here’ tab on this site, that should answer all your questions.

    @Anonymous 2: I did toy with the idea of putting it against the railing but that would accommodate fewer people as Roger mentioned. As for the view of the pool, the chairs swivel.

    @Roger: The counter-top is very solid and does not flex unless you try put your full weight on an unsupported corner. As ‘Anonymous 3′ says, you can add another leg if that is a concern for you, I just didn’t so I could get better access in the narrow space. Small legs on the Expedit is a good idea but increasing the height more is a concern. I just screwed in a few of those furniture sliders bought from the hardware store.

  6. Anonymous says:

    If you think it has stability issues with only one leg, you could easily purchase a second VIKA BYSKE leg for $30 and attach them in the corners instead of the center.

  7. Roger says:

    To the Anonymous commenters: Relax! It’s a moveable bar, so you could shift it closer to the handrail for safety, but then you lose seating space. It’s not a big deal.

    My biggest concern might be the flexion of the countertop with just the one leg… but if it’s durable enough great.

    I might have put some legs on the Expedit though to make that easier to move.

  8. Anonymous says:


    I was wondering if I was the only one who noticed how dangerous this looks.

    A counter or bar against the railing would make so much more sense– everyone would have a pool view and it would be SO much safer.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Sitting there just looks so dangerous! Fall-down risk!

  10. Erika says:

    Thank you for such a great website! To bad I didn’t find it sooner :)

    In writing moment I’m trying to get my head around adapting the Bestå-series to make a storage-bench for my hall, but with drawers instead of shelves… and here I find my problems solved by a hack posted on your site :D

    I would like to write about that hack, your website and the smart solutions that all IKEA-fans out there have posted here. Is it okay to borrow pictures from the site and write about them in my blog? I will of course write where the picture comes from and link back to this website.

    I really hope it would be okay, I like this site so much and I want others to know about it as well!

    Kind regards

  11. Zulaya says:

    LOVE IT! I see lots of hacks for expedit, and am very close to springing for making my own desk or table with expedit legs. I just need to get up my courage, I guess. One question, I’ve heard a lot of commentary around here about some of Ikea’s pieces (comes up a lot with Lack) being structurally unsound for screwing in middles and things. Is this a concern with Expedit, or is Expedit made out of something solid that can be screwed into anywhere?

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