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Published on October 1st, 2011 | by Jules Yap


IKEA Expedit workspace

Materials: IKEA Expedit bookcase (2×2), Ecpedit bookcase (2×4), Lack wall shelf 75.25″ long, 1 – 3/4″x4′x8′ sheet MDF

Description: The area under my basement stairs always seemed to attract unwanted clutter and I was in need of a larger work area for my computer(s). I already had an Expedit desk setup (desktop and 2×4 bookcase)and I didn’t want to “waste” that. After looking on this site I found a few setups that were inspiring using the 2×4 bookcase horizontally.

I measured out the area and started to plan out what I could do. Buying another Expedit bookcase, this time a 2×2, I drew up the best use for the sheet of MDF as the main desk material. Over the course of 3 days of spare time I cut, test fit and assembled the custom desk. A little love from a router, sander and paint made the setup complete.

After putting all the computer goodies on the new work surface I went to the local auto supply store and picked up some plastic conduit tubing for engine compartments (really cheap) and ran my cables inside those. Any other remaining cables that I could tack up I did on the underside of the desk. In addition I used scrap pieces of MDF to create landings under the holes for the cable chases, this allowed me to store additional cable neatly and keep it all up and out of sight.

Overall desk size:
Width – 9′ 4″
Depth – 2′ 6″
Height – 2′ 6.25″
Return Width – 1′ 3.5″
Return Length – 4′ 11″

Favorite features of the desk:
- 9″ deep, 6″ tall monitor shelf that runs the length of the desktop (plus a small return).
- integrated 2 gang electrical box.
- integrated led lighting under the monitor shelf.
- plenty of leg/desk space.

Future plans:
- install picture rail(s) on the block wall for inspiration pieces.
- pendant lighting over the main desk surface from the underside of the stairs.
- would like to incorporate a mini-fridge into the 2×2 bookcase (then I’d never have to leave for a drink!).

See more of the Expedit desk.

~ Michael Johnston, Long Island, NY

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4 Responses to IKEA Expedit workspace

  1. Anonymous says:

    I like your idea of using the expedite pieces for extra storage. However, I think I will use baskets or doors on them to make the area look cleaner.

  2. mdj1281 says:

    Thank you!

    I painted the MDF using 2 coats of a high gloss oil based paint.

  3. Carlinha says:

    Very, very good! I would like know how he painted this MDF? What type of paint?

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