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Ikea DesKad

Materials: 3xIkea Besta Tofta panel, 5xIkea Vika Curry legs, 2xIkea Capita brackets, one additional panel.

Description: I went to Ikea and i found some Besta Tofta panels that costed only 15euro. I made a little project using sweethome 3D, a free open source program. If someone interested i can give the file. Here the steps:

Step 1: Trace the panels with some adhesive tape following the pictures, in order to obtain the different sides of the main container (a box). I found 1 big panel and 4 little, so I had to connect 2 small panels with some junctions to obtain a big panel. If you are lucky you can find 3 big panels. In this case you can build the box more easily because you needn’t junctions for attach different shape panels
Step 2: Cut the panels following the lines like you can see in the pictures
Step 3: Connect all panels using some L junctions (you can find them at the hardware store)
Step 4: If you want you can add some panels inside perpendicularly (like in picture) for obtain more stability.
Step 5: Fix the capita brackets in the upper panels (like it’s a unique hob)
Step 6: Make 2 holes for the brackets in the cover of the main box
Step 7: Connect the top of the box to the hob ( 2 panels+ 2 capita brackets)
Step 8: If you want you can put some glue for the top of the box but the weight is enough heavy for stay still and it’s better to leave it free in order to connect cables more easily.

~ Marcello (dj kad), Bologna – Italy

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8 Responses to Ikea DesKad

  1. Djmc says:

    This is great would love to get that file? I may modify a few things and ill share pics when I finish

  2. djkad says:

    I’m glad that you like it. Since some people asked me to upload in a better place, i’ve decided to put it in my website.
    You can find the Deskad project here

    Ikea Deskad project
    It requires Sweet Home 3D

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hey,love the flush fit can I have a copy as link not working!!! Thanks

  4. Dj Kad says:

    Hi, Thank you for the comments. Here you can find the link of the project made with Sweet Home 3D.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Can you host the file somewhere?

  6. Hector says:

    It´s great!!Could you send the file too please?

  7. AMAZING! so sad that here in mexico we don’t have any ikea store..

  8. djadamking says:

    this is awesome! can you please send me the file?

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