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Functional Wall Sculpture with Besta Burs

Materials: 3 Besta Burs high gloss

Description: A long wall in an open space living room. Needed DVD and small media storage, also did not want to block too much the light coming from the window and keep the room less crowded. Loved the Besta Burs look, but one unit was not sufficient storage. Solution was to create a zig-zag out of 3 pieces. The only challenge was to mount the vertical unit. We did a lot of measuring, looking for the 2X4 studs in the wall and marking them.

We started with the vertical unit, moving the holes (drilling new ones) from where the support is originally provided (at the top of the unit) to the middle of the unit and making sure we secure the unit in the vertical stud of the wall. Then, we mounted the other horizontal units. The Besta Burs only comes with 3 holes along the back to support in the wall, but they do not fit exactly on a wall stud (2 holes fit, but not the 3rd), so we moved one in order to provide the best support. Especially for the bottom horizontal unit we were afraid our kids might sit on it. The vertical unit opens a bit harder, but that is all, it works well. We think we managed to get an interesting look to the living room, it looks like a modern sculpture.

~ Anda and Laur, Texas, US

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14 Responses to Functional Wall Sculpture with Besta Burs

  1. Ryan says:

    This is exactly what I have been looking for— my wall space is not “long” enough to mount horizontally… and have been wondering if i can mount vertically.

    My husband (who is the DVD lover/hoarder) has a concern about being able to pull out dvd’s when it is mounted vertically—- so I was thinking of “hacking” in shelf pegs to hold small shelves so the DVD’s can “stand up” in the vertical position and still be easily accessed… did you do that? Do you happen to have a picture of the inside and how the DVD’s work?

  2. Melissa in SA says:

    I have a question about the possibility of mounting the Besta upside down so that the door opens from bottom to top. (I am a short Texan and can’t reach over the door unless it’s hung ridiculously low). Would it work?

  3. Anonymous says:

    You answered all my questions: chairs, fireplace, and wire cleanup in progress. Very nice…My one observation…I haven’t seen bunny ears for a TV in quite some time.

  4. Leens says:

    Really great idea and gorgeous execution!

  5. Anonymous says:

    This looks very nice. Long clean lines – lovely room! Ignore all the haters – they’re just jealous. You did a great job!;)

  6. Keter says:

    I’m sad about some of these (catty) comments. It’s a nice hack and a very clean look coming together.

  7. Anda says:

    sorry, I meant on the left side of the TV.

    • Ryan Souza says:

      This is an excellent job. I love this DVD storage but I do not have the wall space to mount it horizontally and wasnt sure if I could do it vertically.
      My husband (who is the DVD lover/hoarder) has concerns about how the DVD’s will sit if it is mounted vertically (when you pull out one DVD… the others will all come down into the space that is left) so I was thinking about putting in little shelf brackets and running shelves in it… how did you tackle that issue?

  8. Anda says:

    Thanks for comments. I would like to answer to some: in fact, the room is balanced, I focused on taking a picture on the hack and did not take a larger image to show you that on the right side of the TV there is a floor to ceiling rectangular grey stone applied over the wall for the in-wall fireplace. We do have one sofa, placed by the fireplace, the advantages of the chairs is that kids can move them easily when they play games involving moving. And yes, the cables were still “in works” in the second picture, they go in the vertical support of the TV unit.

  9. liz says:

    Good job on this hack. It’s funny how they were concerned with DVD storage, but not hiding the hot mess of a tv rack/wire convention going on there. Also, please buy a sofa to break up the sea of designer knock-off chairs.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Love the storage Solution, looks very nice, I have a besta under my tv, but go digital. All the movies and music on a hard drive, you access from the tv.

    The cables could do with a tidy!

  11. Anonymous says:

    you have/had plenty of space on the left side of the tv, under the tv, etc…
    Plus the room is not balanced, too much on the right side and nothing on the left.
    You did a good job thou, if it’s work for you that is more important.

  12. Zettelwirtin says:

    But after the cables have been tidied up, this will look really nice! I like the puristic, yet elegant style of the room and the Besta hack fits it nicely. The new “window sill” is a nice bonus, too. (I’m a plant and cat lover, so window sills are important to me.^^°)

  13. Anonymous says:

    Umm, it just kind of focuses me on the untidy cable spaghetti underneath. The only thing I find interesting is that the technology was not tackled first.

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