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Custom Pax + Computer Desk + Shoe Storage

Materials: Pax and Komplement Series, Cutter, Jigsaw

Description: This hack pursued 3 objectives:

* It should allow a computer desk
* It should give room to more than 100 pairs of shoes
* It should look “complete” :)

Objective 1: Desktop

For objective 1, I used 2 70cm wall PAX module doors, leaving 2 shelves open to lay the computer table. All the cabling goes behind, the bunch of cables you see are just the temporary USB connectors to download these photos :)

Objective 2: The shoe-lution

ORIGIN: For objective 2, we were coming from 1.5m wardrobe, filled up with 10 Skubb modules to fit 100 pairs.

PROBLEM: You cannot see the shoes, so you have to “remember” a show, and then look for it.

SOLUTION: The shoe-lution was to use a corner module (1m of doors, but 1.5m of space :) , and use its depth to place left shoe BEHIND the right one on every pair, so you can see each model, try it on, and if it suits, just grab the one behind it :)

TRICK 1: Don’t go very high (it would be difficult to reach the pair right in the corner), or use a BOLMEN stool (top-right). As always, the shelf placement and the hinges will drive you NUTS :) (4 attempts :)

TRICK 2: You can also cover each shelf with tiny floor mats to avoid dirt, but we liked the clean look of the shoes over white wood.

Objective 3: PAX

PROBLEM: After mounting all, we had 14cm left between the corner module and the rest of the wardrobe.

SOLUTION: As expected, the solution was to cut down a 50cmx195 PAX module to 14cm width :) You only have to cut the top/bottom horizontal shelves, although perfectionists would like to go for the bottom skirting and the back panel too (5 cuts total).

TRICK 1: Notice I only mounted the right side of the PAX, leaving the top/bottom “flying”, since it’s just only 14cm and it fits really tight, thus giving me 2 additional centimeters for space :) (1.9cm panel + 12.1cm shelf = 14 cm one-sided PAX)

TRICK 2: I made these cuts myself with an electric saw. In order to avoid an ugly cut, you can go for:

1. Sandwiching the piece between two before the cuts (these two pieces are called in Spain “martyrs”, since they’ll suffer all the damage leaving you a clean cut in the middle one), so avoiding the melamine (white lining of the wood) to crack.

2. Or just cut the melamine to size with a cutter BEFORE using the saw. Therefore, when the saw goes, the melamine will crack exactly where you cut it :)

TRICK 3: For the 14cm door, we went (successfully :) with the Besta push latch, since it was only 14cm wide, and the 120 degree hinges of the corner module next to it rendered it almost necessary to avoid the door crashing with the LANSA handlers. We mounted it on top (195cm door), which is perfectly accessible)

TRICK 4: The door was the really visible part, so I went to a local wood smith for the cuts. They usually make the cuts on the fly for free (it took approx 90 seconds), and machine finished the edges with melamine (although you can do it by yourself also) for a grand total of 5€. Trust me, it’s really worth it for the finish, and you don’t have to vacuum the full house after using your electric saw :)

Hope you like it!

~ Javier Guerrero Garcia, Spain

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10 Responses to Custom Pax + Computer Desk + Shoe Storage

  1. Eddie says:

    Are those all the narrow pax units? I did not realize that made the corner add on unit in narrow.

    By the way, do you know the part number for the add on units add on shelving connectors? I just bought an add on unit but the previous owner lost all the internal components and now I am stumped as to what to do with them.

  2. uzimmie says:

    I love your hack, but hey, we are both members of the paxhackers huh ;-)

  3. Anonymous says:

    gracias Javier, tomo nota.mc

  4. Anonymous4: Lo siento, pero lo escribí directamente en inglés :) De todas formas, yo creo que con las ilustraciones puedes hacerte una idea.

    En cualquier caso, échame un mail si te queda alguna duda :) (tienes la dir. pinchando en el nombre).

  5. Simo: About the boots, the idea will be using the 14cm hack, but it’s still too hot in Spain to take them out of the boxes (on top, fig. 1) and place them properly :)

  6. Anonymous says:

    Me encanta cómo has aprovechado todos los cm. pero el ingles de me da mal y el traductor no lo hace más inteligible, tienes el texto en español en algun sitio?? asi a lo mejor te copio…. o lo intento. felicidades por el trabajo

  7. Anonymous says:

    Oh, I forgot! The hack is both practical and stylish: I really love it. I know all to well the “trouble” of having to remember the pairs you own and the corner solution seems a real improvement!

  8. Beate says:

    Women need shoes. Lots of. I like the hack AND the shoes.

  9. Anonymous says:

    you should have bought a house ..instead of the shoes.

  10. Anonymous says:

    You have too many shoes. No one needs that many.

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