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Besta with hidden entertainment

Materials: Besta

Description: Wanted a tv/entertainment bench where I could hide all the electronics and speakers. The only nice thing I found was about 2000 $ so decided to go for 2 besta units and make the doors myself. Pretty excited how it turned out.

BESTÅ Bench (item 601.340.49) – 2 pieces
Door Dampers (inside locking) – 8 pieces
Push opener (Item 701.965.17) – 4 pieces
Mdf plate 56x32cm (1,6 cm) – 4 pieces
Knobs, stainless steel – 4 pieces
Linen fabric
all in all about 200$

The ps3 does require the door to be open. However I am considering installing a fan.

~ Andreas, Denmark

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8 Responses to Besta with hidden entertainment

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the response. Good idea with the usb-fan.
    It was attached to the wall with the brackets that came with the besta unit.
    Page 11.
    Rawplugs and screws was not included in besta unit.


  2. Anonymous says:

    what did you use to attatch it to the wall?

  3. Aaron says:

    Agreed that it is very inspiring. Great job.

  4. Jenny says:

    A fan for the PS3 would be a great idea! If you got a USB fan then it would only turn on when you had the PS3 on. Since the PS3 is already pretty loud, I doubt the additonal noise would be very bothersome.

  5. These mini shelves are a great storage idea to store extra wires for the tele, DVDs, and additional hardware (DVD players, speakers, etc.). Nice use of space.

  6. MacMama says:


  7. I think that thing was a good investment for your furniture. I must say you made it just right.

  8. That’s really great and inspiring. Well done!

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