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Besta Door Picture Frame

Materials: Besta Glass Cabinet Door, Pictures, Matting supplies, Picture Frame Hanging Brackets

Description: I originally went on a journey to find a unique frame for myself to frame my college diploma on a budget. When I was looking in IKEA (I worked there at the time) I found that a Besta Door was the perfect size for both my diploma and tassel. I found one in As-Is in pretty good condition, bought it, and bought my matting supplies and frame hanging brackets from Micheal’s. When going through the process I was running into problems (the main one being the door isn’t deep enough for my tassel so the back of the matting sticks out a lot). Finally my mom told me “Stop being Cheap! I will help you get this professionally done!”

With that I still had a random Besta Door lying around. So I went to Costco and printed out some pictures I took from my summer in Rome; and with the left over matting supplies made a mat for the pictures that fit the frame opening of the door.

Hammering the itty-bitty nails for the hanging brackets in the door wood was not very fun, but they got in there eventually and seem sturdy enough. I just taped the mat onto the back of the door so if I ever decide to exchange out the pictures or clean the inside I can with ease. I am thinking of buying a couple more doors for some more pictures I took that summer. Costco and Michael’s are not paying me for the name drops, but I would still take those endorsements if offered.

~ Tyson, Portland, OR

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