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BESTA Blanket and Pillow Chest

* 1/2 Sheet of 3/4″ MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) cut to size 4′x4′
* 4 Hinges about 2″ wide
* 8 2″ Wood screws
* Wood glue
* Paint (Water based enamel)

Tools Needed
* Drill
* Compound Miter Saw (or skill saw)
* Table Saw (or skill saw)
* Drill Bit (width of toothpick)
* Screw Driver Bit (to fit 2″ wood screws)
* 2 Cabinetry Clamps adjustable to 36″
* Screw Driver (to fit screws on hinges)
* Set of Saw Horses * Paint brush (I used small roller)
Optional- If you choose to use skill saw in place of table saw.
* 2 Hand clamps
* Speed square to measure if you choose not to use table saw.
* Straight edge to clamp to wood while cutting. Needs to be about 48″

Purchased BESTA Bench, white. 50% off (Scratch and Dent) Now: $35.00

Product dimensions
Width: 47 1/4 ”
Depth: 19 1/4 ”
Height: 10 1/4 ”
* Took off leveling legs.
* Took out shelves.
* Removed Flimsy back board.

* Begin measurements on 3/4″ MDF
Use pencil to layout measurements of all pieces in advance. They will all fit on 4′x4′ sheet of MDF.

Measure out (toe kick)on the 3/4″ MDF
* 2-4.5″x 46.25″
* 2-4.5″x 11.3/16″

Measure out (Lids/top)on the 3/4″ MDF
* 1-2.5″x 47.1/4″
* 1-12.7/8″x 47.1/4″

Begin to cut out all pieces.
If you choose to use skill saw you should use small hand clamps to hold straight edge in place. This will insure a clean straight cut.

Once all the pieces are cut, locate the
12.7/8″x 47.1/4″ piece of MDF.
Cut this piece in half, so it becomes
* 2-12.7/8″x 25.5″ approximately.

Paint all pieces. Let dry over night.

Both of the 4.5″x 46.25″ inside the
2-4.5″x 11.3/16″. This will create a large rectangle. The 2 long boards will be on the outsides, while the short boards will be located inside. Drill holes with a narrow bit to connect the boards together. Screw in two 2″ wood screws into each corner(see photo). Put screws into pre-drilled holes you have created. This will keep boards from splitting. Do all 4 corners this way.

Now glue the kick board to the BESTA. Ose clamps to hold glue while it dries. About 24 hours.

Begin work on the Lids.
Glue long strip to top of the BESTA. See photo. Clamp over night.
Use tape to hold hinges in place while you screw them into place.
Attach lids to hinges.

~ Jeanine Gaston, Dallas Area

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4 Responses to BESTA Blanket and Pillow Chest

  1. Carpinteros en Madrid says:

    Good idea to use pillows and blankets.Good job!

  2. Nick Austin says:

    Great job. Very neat. Bedding storage is a pressing issue in my house. It breeds when you’re not looking!

  3. its nice ; good idea to use pillows and blankets

  4. Hogarismo says:

    Great space solution at a great price! good job

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