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Published on September 28th, 2011 | by Jules Yap


Revamped Aspelund dressing

Materials: Aspelund 3 doors dressing, 2 wooden ornaments, wood glue, primer for wood painting, white mate paint, 3 country style brushed nickel knobs

Description: I was looking for an affordable dressing that would both offer a wide storage space and fit with the classy neo-baroque style of my bedroom. The 3 doors Aspelund dressing appeared to have just the perfect size and the perfect price but looked a bit too ordinary and lacked stylishness.

To revamp it and make it match another dressing of mine, I chose 2 wooden ornaments to adorn the two side doors of the dressing, making sure they would be large enough to fit elegantly the long center space.

Before assembling the dressing elements, I glued the ornaments on the center of the doors with wood glue, symmetrically. Once dry, I first painted the front and side dressing elements with a special primer, then gun-painted them with two coats of white mate paint in order to get rid of the fake patina style finish.

Once perfectly dry, I assembled the dressing and replaced the doors knobs with country style brushed nickel knobs with a design that reminded me of the wooden ornaments design.

The result : a unique, stylish AND AFFORDABLE large dressing!

~ Sonia D. Creations, Montreal, QC, Canada

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5 Responses to Revamped Aspelund dressing

  1. Cory Snider says:

    Great work! What brand of matte white paint did you use? Can you remember the rough cost?

  2. Sonia D. Creations says:

    Thanks for the comments ! Sorry for the late reply – I’ve just seen the post. I bought the wooden ornaments in a renovation store, such as Home Depot. They can be found in the moulding section.

  3. Great job! I love adding moulding pieces to plain fronted pieces. I’m going to use this technique for a Hemnes dresser I’m making into a cutting table. Good work!

  4. Love this! Clever way to make this wardrobe more feminine and glamorous.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Where have you buy the 2 wooden ornaments? It looks Perfekt!

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