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Pimp your Pax

Materials: PAX Wardrobe frame (black-brown), KOMPLEMENT Shelves (50cm and 100cm), PAX FARDAL Door (high gloss white), SÄTTA Knob (transparent)

Description: As we wanted to get rid of our old bedroom and wanted more space to hang and lay our clothes I (after consulting my wife of course) decided to plan 5 meter of PAX wardrobes with sliding doors. Because of the 5 meters and having to use 100cm wardrobes as well as the 50cm ones and having to cut down one wardrobe, we decided to go for hinge doors.

We choose the wardrobe frame black-brown because we liked the color. While checking our local Ikea, we saw that they were discontinuing this color and could have them for less than half price. For the doors we choose FARDAL, high gloss white.

We had 2 problems:
1. On the left side of the room, we had to cut down one wardrobe to have it fit under the pelmet.
2. As there is a working chimney going through our room, that makes our room rather warm in winter when the fireplace is going, we couldn’t put a wardrobe against the wall/chimney

The solutions:
1a. Cut the top 12,5 cm.
1b. Cut the door 12,5 cm.
1c. Peel the plastic top of the cut part and stick it back to the top of the door (still to be done, but hardly visible as I cut the door while sandwiched between two pieces of wood, obtaining a clean cut like this).
1d. Drill a new top hole for the top hinge, because the heavy door needs all 4 of them!

2a. Cut the back so the wardrobe is only 25 cm deep, so a gap between the wardrobe and the wall can let warm air escape.
2b. Nail the back to the wardrobe.
2c. Drill new holes for the shelf supports as only one hole is left after chopping the wardrobe to 25 cm.
2d. Cut 4 60cm shelves so 8 25cm shelves are ready to be fit and are ready to hold shoes and other little things. To bad I didn’t cut it to 26,5cm. It would hold more Ikea containers that way, which are too big now as most of them are 26cm.

At first we wanted to use BESTÅ Push latch to have no door handles or door knobs cause we like the high gloss white look, but after trying them we realized we would always be grabbing the side and pushing the front to open the doors and therefore smudging them. So the next best thing was the transparent new SÄTTA Knob, which turned out pretty nice.

~ Zimmie, Belgium

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Jules Yap

"I am Jules, the engine behind IKEAHackers and the one who keeps this site up and running. My mission is to capture all the wonderful, inspiring, clever hacks and ideas for our much loved IKEA items".

11 Responses to Pimp your Pax

  1. rubik rubik says:

    what drill bit do you recommend for the high gloss fardal? i was told you need to use the right kind or you’ll damage them

  2. fardal high gloss door fardal high gloss door says:

    our installer wimped out when setting up our pax, he said couldn’t drill the holes for the handles bc he needed a special bit for the high gloss finish. can anyone suggest what i should use for DIY the handle holes? thanks

  3. Sunil Kumar says:

    I intend on fitting Pax wardrobes preferably the height of 236 cm however the ceiling height in the room is 228. I don’t want to fit the the ones which are only 201 cm in height as i will have over 25 cm gap at the top. I am thinking if i buy the PAX which are 236 cm in height and then cut them from the top, i.e. doors frame etc? do you think I’ll be able to make the necessary holes with out ruining the look?

  4. brad einhorn says:

    Pax pimped by – check out

  5. Melanie says:

    I have a question. I am currently living in a basement apartment with a ceiling height of 6’3″. I would really like to do a Pax wardrobe with sliding doors, and cut them down so they fit. Is this possible? Or do I just cut them down and have hinged doors?
    Thank so much for any help you can offer!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Why not have the cabinet closer to the fireplace and utilize that warmth to keep your towels warm for when you come out of the shower? Nice job!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Zimmie, I’m about to cut the dept down on my pax to 26.5 cm to fit narrow shelves. Can you please go into a little more detail of how you cut yours. (blade, tape, etc . .)


  8. zimmie says:

    Hi Jo,
    Hi Javier,

    Thanx for the lovely comments!

    I know this “auto glued thermal melanine tape” very well, as I have used if before while building wardrobes from scratch AND I had to use it on my cut-in-half-shelves.

    The low dept wardrobes in black-brown were no longer available as that color was being discontinued, so I had to go along with the deeper ones. Having them for less than half price was nice as well :-)

    Make sure to post your hack as well or you can even send me the pics as well. I am very curious how your pimped pax looks.


  9. Anonymous says:

    so, you planned a sliding doors push latches wardrobe, and you ended with a hinged doors transparent knob one. a nice hack! ;-P
    i mean it, really a nice job you did.

  10. Something like this (I’m sure it’s available in any hardware store near you :)

    ( search for “melamine tape”)

  11. Hi Zimmie, I just finished my own PAX customization just yesterday, and your post was a great surprise! :)

    It was something like “What? I already posted it?” X-DDD (same doors, same setup, same pax cutting :)

    I made an L (3.5 x 1.5 m) using the corner module, cutting a pax down from 50cm to 14cm for fitting, including the door :) . For the 14cm doors, I went to a profesional woodsmith for the cuts (5€ total for two cuts, including side finishing), the other cuts (top, bottom and shelves) made by myself (error :) could have got proffesional results on all of them for 10€ and saving a lot of vacumm work :) .


    * Your sandwitching technique for the cuts is the perfect one, but you can achieve similar results if you first cut the white covering of the wood with a cutter, and then proceed with the electric saw.

    * On our 14cm PAX, we only mounted the right pannel (not both right and left), and inserted it into the gap. On that pannel, we set the door hinges, a couple of “flying” shelves (fixed with metal “L” pieces to that side, and extractable KOMPLEMENT hangers. The space is perfect for the ironing table :) , and mounting both sides of the pax would only have left 10cm inside, which was too small. Mounting only one side allowed to gain 2cm, and it’s still perfectly solid because of the low width.

    * For the 14cm door, we went (succesfully :) with the besta push latch, since it was only 14cm wide, and the 120 degree hinges of the corner module next to it rendered it almost necesary to avoid the door crashing with the handlers (LANSA). We mounted it on top (195cm door), which is perfectly accesible)

    * For the bottom/top of your cutted door, forget the ungluing :) Buy some “auto glued thermal melanine tape” on white in your hardware store, place it over the cut, apply heat (iron) and cut with a cutter when it’s cold. It takes no more than 2 mins, and you’ll get a proffesional results.

    * For the chimney module, couldn’t you have gone for the low depth pax modules? (37cm?). It would allow you more options. Too near to the chimney?

    Cheers, and congrats on your succesful pimping ;)

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