Published on September 4th, 2011 | by Jules Yap


Lacey Lykta Lamp

Materials: Lykta table lamp, lace tights, spray paint

Description: Simple but effective

1. Choose a Lytka lamp in the colour you most like and spray paint- black will give more contrast.

2. Put the tights or any other lacey fabric on the lamp so that the pattern stretches on the surface.

3. Make a knot above and below the lampshade part of Lykta, be sure you cover well the cable and the lower part of the lamp!

4. Take spray paint and spray the lamp from approx. 15cm distance, thoroughly.

5. Wait few minutes until the paint dries a bit and take the fabric slowly off the lamp.

6. Leave it somewhere with good air circulation overnight- it will loose the smell and the stickiness of paint.

7. Light it up and voila!

Name: Kasia, España

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4 Responses to Lacey Lykta Lamp

  1. Laurel says:

    Wow, I never really liked the look of these lamps until I saw what you did with this — great job!

  2. Katey Lady says:

    Great idea to use tights as a stencil on round things! I bet this would work great on candle holders and round storage containers, too.

  3. Very pretty. I plan to make a trip to Ikea as soon as we move to our new home. I can hardly wait to get to the lamp section!!! Great job on this lamp :)

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