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Ikea L-Shaped Dry Bar

Materials: BESTA shelf unit and legs

Description: Materials:
(4) 801.021.51 (Besta Shelf)
(8) 801.341.90 (Legs)

At your local home improvement store:
L and Straight Brackets
Concrete backer board
12″ Granite tiles
Grout and mortar
Counter edge molding

1. Stack the shelves and screw them together. When screwing them on top of each other make sure to screw on the edges inside the shelf or center where the dividers are because that’s where the studs are. L-Brackets are used to connect the two units together where it forms the L on the bartender side. Normal straight brackets are used to connect the seating side together. This prevents the 2 units from splitting apart.

2. Cut up some 2x4s length wise of each shelf (You will have 8 cut pieces). The bottom of the shelving units have leg screw mounts you have to remove these and mount them into the ends of the 2x4s to allow the feet to screw into them.

3. Attach the cut 2x4s with screws to the bottom of the shelf. I screwed one at a time on top of each other (this is done to rise the bar height of the counter top to normal height). Attach the legs to each end of the 2x4s.

4. Once the two units now have legs on them you can stand them back up. Using L-Brackets to connect the two units together where it forms the L on the bartender side. Normal straight brackets are used to connect the seating side together (one at the top the other attaches to the 2x4s where the legs are, in the picture its not shown but where the 2 units meet, where the 2 legs are side by side). This prevents the 2 units from splitting apart.

5. Cut up 2 pieces of plywood one for each unit to act as the countertop. One should be cut to the length of the shelving unit and 24″ wide. The other should be cut to the length of the shelving unit plus the overhang and 24″ wide so that it lines up with the outer edge of the other top. That way the 12″ granite tiles will fit perfectly. Over hang the plywood on the seating side then glue and screw it to the top of the shelves. Don’t overhang the bartender side, just line it up with the edge of the shelf.

6. Cut up the concrete backer board just like the plywood and glue and screw down to the plywood.

7. Line up the tiles and cut the end tiles to length. Mortar the tiles in, allow to cure and dry, then grout the edges where the tiles meet.

8. Stain and seal the counter top edge molding and nail into side of the plywood counter top. Use a bead of silicone to seal where the granite and molding meet to prevent spills from leaking under the molding.

9. Not shown but to cover up the 2x4s the legs are attached to, you can cut up the shelving that were not used and screw them to the 2x4s as a skirt covering.

10. Enjoy your new bar. I added a mini fridge to the corner, to do this you’ll need to saw out the middle of the shelving in the corner where you want to put the fridge.

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One Response to Ikea L-Shaped Dry Bar

  1. nycitysky says:

    Beautiful! Sleek and sophisticated. I’d love to see a photo from further away to show how it looks in the room. Reminds of suspended corner desk I built a against the wall, for my daughter. I used a cut up hollow core door. The desk was finished with faux “fantasy marble” paint job to keep it ultra light weight.

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