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Ikea hack Edland night stand: Mirrored look

Materials: Edland nightstand, gray

We love the mirrored look of furniture, and we also love the style of the Edland series at Ikea – hence, why our china cabinet is also within the same series.

We bought the nightstands from Ikea as well. However, our vision is a little different.

Here is our before and after picture:

Before even assembling this product we got started so it had a very finished and even look to it. We laid out every piece and started with a silver spray paint (It included a primer & paint in one). We gave it about 3-4 coats depending alternating the way in which you spray it (horizontal/vertical) to avoid streaking. Between each coat we let dry for approximately 20-30 minutes (this will vary depending on your location, humidity, and time of year). Once one side had its full 3-4 coats, we flipped and did the same on the other side.

After the color coats were on completely, we applied 2 coats of a basic clear coat sealer to assist with sealing it off and to help with future cleaning of it. We let each coat dry for 30 minutes, and the last coat dry about 45 minutes just to ensure it was completely dry before we assembled.

After all coats dried we assembled the entire nightstand(s) with the exception of the front door.

We had bought 2 8×8 squared mirrors from Joanns which we off set and applied with tacky glue. We off set it due to the knob placement. We let the mirror set with the glue for about 2 hours to ensure it was completely stuck (per instructions on the tube).

To create the border around the mirror we bought smaller molding from home depot which we spray painted also and cut to size needed to fit around the mirror. Once all 8 pieces were cut, we glued each around the mirror and filled in any gaps in the corners (as you would any baseboard or crown molding).

Next step is to measure point and drill hole where you want the knob to go. Due to the option to have your door open left or right (in our case we wanted to do one of each), they don’t pre drill the knob holes, but in the instructions say you will need to. So, this gave us the flexibility to make our knobs go where we wanted them to go.

Once knob is in place, finish assembling the front door to the main piece. Place in bedroom and enjoy!

~ Shannon, United States

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6 Responses to Ikea hack Edland night stand: Mirrored look

  1. Campbell says:

    Hi Jules

    Cool new angle on the “personalize your brand” theme :-)


  2. Shawn says:

    I think you did a great job on this! This has inspired me to try something similar in my mother’s bedroom.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The whole point of this piece is its SILHOUETTE, that in grey-silver is lost in front of the grey wall. Black would have stood out much more in front of the grey wall, and would have looked less miss matched with the bed. The asymmetrical mirror diminishes the outline even more, and the messy black electrical cord does not help either….

  4. Anonymous says:

    Gotta say I think the mirror detracts from the sophistication – a little arts-and-craftsy. But you know what they say about opinions… Otherwise this is genius. I don’t need a nightstand, but I think I’m going to try it anyway. Very inspired work.

  5. Keira says:

    I think cat pictures should be part of every IKEA hack post. :)

    Great job on the dresser. Looks wonderful! thanks for the detailed tutorial.

  6. mirrored furniture are perfect in most room concepts.I love the improvement you made on this night stand. some elegant designs can be seen at Lana Online Furniture Shop.

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