Published on August 29th, 2011 | by Jules Yap


Skurar Pendant lamps

Materials: Skurar pots

Description: I’ve made two pendant lamps of two tin-pots named Skurar. I drilled a hole in the bottom and put a small lampholder with a cord through the hole. Then a connection-box to connect the two cords. But, since the Skurar pots is not tested to use as a lamp, you have to use energy-saving-lamps (CFL?) so it doesn’t get too hot in the tin-pot!

~ Lotta Vesterberg, Linkoping, Sweden


Erik’s version of the Skurar pendant lamp

Description: My mother bought some white Skurar plant pots for her kitchen window and wanted new pendant lamps aswell.

I came up with the idea of turning Skurar plant pots into pendant lamps.

Turn the plant pot upside down, drill a hole at the pot bottom (now top…) and attach a lamp holder with a cable to it – voila! ;)

A very easy way to get matching pots and lamps! :)

More pics of the pendants lamps on my blog.

~ Erik Maki, Sweden

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8 Responses to Skurar Pendant lamps

  1. rozana8 says:

    They are beautifully.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Job well done indeed! I ♥ this hack!!!

  3. Esteem says:

    Brilliant idea, and I love the result. Looks like a perfect project for the weekend.

    Esteem for the Home

  4. Gypsy Love says:

    does anyone know what type of light erik used? i like the rounded top.

  5. interior design fresno says:

    Love these…especially at night. The delicate lace feel on the bottom is beautiful.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. KarlaLina says:

    I have the same lamsp in the kitchen! (Eriks version)
    (and my Rose lamp in the bedroom, as you could see it last Friday here :

    I think, this Skurar pot models are created first of all for lamps ;-)

  7. These are so innovative! They’d fit in perfectly with a post I wrote recently on doily DIY ideas. :)

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