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Roses in the Light – double hack

Materials: Skurar plant pot and Orgel floor lamp

Description: I had a 9 year old Orgel floor lamp – our wedding present :-) – so it was a bit old and yellow and used look. And also it was quite boring, after so many years.

I found the simply nice Skurar pots, and I bought seven of them (both hanging and standing types).

I wanted to use them for lights too, I made holes on the top and the bottom of the pots.
But there was something missing. In that moment I glimpsed some big roses in my neighbours garden and I found; I have to put Roses in the pots.

After I made Moire-roses and fixed them with a fine wire in the pots.

The lamp has amazing, soft light and romantic, feminine feeling!

See more of the rose lamp.

~ KarlaLina, Hungary, Europe

CAUTION: Possible fire hazard. 

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11 Responses to Roses in the Light – double hack

  1. Ellie says:

    AGHHH! I keep seeing americans commenting on european hacks saying that light fixtures are going to catch on fire. Stop using high energy light bulbs! The low watt ones in europe never get that hot (as KarlaLina said) and you save sooo much electricity.

    Very nic light fitting btw. I am going to do something smilar i think :) (with a low watt bulb!)

  2. MoNkeY? says:

    I just wanna say “That flower is seriously gonna burn from the heat of the bulb…” then i saw the ( CAUTION: Possible fire hazard. ) underneath it…

  3. KarlaLina says:

    Hi Dears!

    I’m grateful that you are worry, and I want to ensure you, that it isn’t dangerous or flammable.

    Two things:
    in EU we must to use low energy lamps, wich hasn’t wolfram/tungsten filament, they use only 5-20 Watt and they gives low temperature with high light (I mean, 900 Lumen).
    In this way, the Roses could be at most lukewarm.
    And, the moire coludn’t get fire, on higher temperature it shrinks almost to zero.

    Aaaand, we have quite fast fire department ;-) , in 10 minutes far.

    So, please, don’t worry, and if some of You want to make this project, I send one of kind low energy lamp by post.


  4. Anonymous says:

    KarlaLina, it’s nice but looks extremely dangerous. I hope that you have a good fire department in Hungary.

  5. That looks pretty flamable

  6. Laurel says:

    I think it is beautiful and very creative. As long as it is safe, I say it’s wonderful.


  7. KarlaLina says:

    so: ….low temperature
    and …not dangerous


  8. KarlaLina says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. KarlaLina says:

    Thank you Girls!

    @nycitysky: with economic lamps (wich has very-very temperature) it’s not nangerous.


  10. Lisa says:

    Neat tricks you’ve got here. I really think it saves money and makes one’s home still look good with hacks. Practical, affordable and chic. Really love it!

  11. nycitysky says:

    Awe this is so beautiful! But I’d never do it. Very dangerous! Lovely idea though. Here’s to many more years together for you both! :)

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