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Rast 4 x 4

Materials: Rast, wood, white paint
Description: I needed a lot of drawers and the Ikea Rast was the only piece of furniture I could find with the right depth to fit my wall.
Then I simply assembled 4 Ikea Rast all together. Placed 2 normally and 2 bottom-up. (reversing it is the hardest part of all, you have to make new holes to put the drawers’ guides…)

Put real wood on the back and in the drawers to make them less “cheap”. Painted all in white.

~ Federico, Florence – Italy

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8 Responses to Rast 4 x 4

  1. Rach9667 says:

    I saw a closet hack like this and here is her take on stacking the two. Way easier IMO:

    Next it is time to prepare your two Ikea Rast Dressers. Assemble the first one as normal. But cut 4 inches off the two sides of the second unit before assembling it. One will sit atop the other, and you don’t want a lot of space between the first and second drawer set. There will be one strip of wood that typically goes across the bottom front that will no longer be used. Set one unit atop the other, pull out the middle drawer, attach using thin metal connectors.

    Here’s her hack pictures: http://www.homemadebycarmona.com/how-to-wardrobe-hack/

  2. sgsidekick says:

    You could always paint the strip in the middle with a contrasting color. And since paint is cheap, easy way to add color to a room, and change it up in a hurry. Like it!

  3. Fedevarius says:

    @ Marilyn
    it’s strong enough, I only have to be carefull with the top drawer, because I did’n use the included strip to attach it at the wall (I really do not want fo make holes, I’ve just finished painting!! :-) )

  4. Fedevarius says:

    @ Wendy:
    i reversed the bottom two, not the top two.
    This way they fit better when you join them and I think it looks nice because you have one “middle-line” horizontally between the drawers…


    ps sorry if my english is not good…

  5. marilyn says:

    this is great, I love how you got everything to be vertical and save space. And you customized the colors. IS this sturdy though?

  6. erin says:

    Have you thought about getting two extra drawer fronts (or just a couple pieces of wood) and creating false doors to cover the middle sections where the top and bottom dressers meet. It may make the project look a little more finished, and less like a hack. You could paint those two “drawers” an accent color or just leave off the knobs to not confuse yourself when searching for that specific item of clothing in the morning.

  7. Wendy says:

    Sorry if I’m missing the point, but why did the top two need to be turned upside down?
    It looks really good!

  8. Sarakenobi says:

    we did the same thing and mounted them to the wall! (and I painted them blue and mod-podged fabric on the front) i never want to put another dresser together ever again.

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