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POANG IKEA powered GT5 racing cockpit

IKEA Poang chair racing cockpit

Materials: POANG chair, VIKA OLEBY, as-is Table top, wheels ,shelf tops and good idea :)

1. Mark all spots on table top (floor) basically use dimension from your car.
2. Invert Poang chair legs and cut off top as needed
3. Screw down all parts on the floor piece
4. Make shifting panel from piece of cut off wood
5. Eureka! you got GT5 racing cockpit :)

IKEA Poang racing cockpit

~ JTsunnyday, United States, Michigan

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8 Responses to POANG IKEA powered GT5 racing cockpit

  1. rose says:

    im trying to make this for my hubby! did you have to cut new holes on the legs near the end of your chair?? (where your knees are)

  2. 7Sundays says:

    the wheel base table built from a shelf top from ACE hardware attached to VIKA OLEBY table legs


  3. Scott Alaina says:

    That is wicked cool! I’m loving that chair. It’s dope!

    computer desks

  4. This is just too awesome I wish I had one of these for my ps3.

  5. codedmind says:

    Would be great if we have more instructions.

    The wheel base table is from where?

  6. Woodys1 says:

    I want one of those!!!! Am so jealous!!

    picture frames

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