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PELLO camera shoulder mount / rig

Materials: Pello Chair

Description: For my new Canon 7D camera I was in desperate need of a rig: something to keep the camera steady. And, ideally be able to zoom and focus with the handle bars.

The rig needed a bended / shaped piece of wood to fit around the shoulder. This is where the Pello chair came in handy. The round shape was perfect, and with the rest of the wood I was able to make the other parts.

After a layer of paint the chair is unrecognisable. Well, almost.

~ Joost van der Wiel, Utrecht, The Netherlands

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8 Responses to PELLO camera shoulder mount / rig

  1. Joost van der Wiel says:

    I’m using a Zoom H4N and a Rode shotgun mic (don’t know the type). It records the audio seperatly from the video. The XLR cable is indeed missing on the photo, but when connected to the Zoom it works brilliantly.

    I know have been filming with it for a couple of months. The zooming and focussing works brilliantly!

    Will try to put up some more pics on joostvanderwiel.com soon.

  2. Jeremy says:

    Actually, the Zoom recorder pictured has two XLR inputs in addition to the stereo mics up front. This is almost exactly the same setup I use with my 5D; zoom stereo for ambient and room sound with a shotgun to get specific subjects. Pretty sure the cable was omitted for these photos.

    Would also love to the see the step by step. This is one of the more handsome wooden dslr rigs I’ve seen.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I would say the shotgun is just for show. The lack of cable, means it is either hot-shoe mountable (which would not work with this camera at all) or xlr connections, which won’t work with the audio recorder. SLR cameras cannot record proper audio, and cannot accept audio from an external source.

    I would say the user used to own something like a canon hv20/30/40 and that shotgun mike is the hot shoe mic that goes with those model cameras.

  4. Anonymous says:

    What recording device and shotgun mic are you using?

  5. Parkylondon says:

    This is a stroke of genius. I’d love a step by step or set of instructions to replicate. I might even pay for someone to build it for me!

  6. Laurel says:

    I never cease to be amazed at the innovative hacks on this site. What a cool idea.

    Laurel http://www.abundantempress.blogspot.com

  7. Anonymous says:

    Also found this to be really interesting. Nice job! Wondering how accurate you can be with your focus… and do you have some remote way of releasing the shutter? A squeeze-bulb?

  8. Anonymous says:

    That’s really quite clever. Can we get a picture of it in use? I’m having some difficulty visualizing how the rig locks into place on your shoulder. Or does it rest on your shoulder, and you hold in place with your hands? Either way, well done.

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