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Published on July 28th, 2011 | by Jules Yap


Side table for VERY small child’s room

Materials: BEKVAM spice rack, screw hooks, paint, small buckets

Description: My daughter has a very small bedroom wherein the HEMNES daybed takes up nearly all of the floor space. To accommodate a bedside water bottle, books, hair clips and various treasures, I re-purposed the BEKVAM spice rack in the following way:

1. Paint BEKVAM shelf in the color of your choice

2. Use a hammer and a bit of pressure to screw 3-4 screw hooks to the underside of the shelf

3. Hang shelf on wall

4. Add small buckets (I used little buckets from the $1 spot at Target) to the hooks and fill with hair clips, jewelry, etc.

~ Caroline (aka Chicago Mama), Chicago

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7 Responses to Side table for VERY small child’s room

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for posting this. Now wondering if several of these could be used as ‘library style’ book shelves (i.e. with my daughter’s books facing cover out).

  2. Chicago Mama says:

    I suppose if oneself or one’s children were tidy, one could put a glass of water in the BEKVAM. My kids tend to want water in the night and are not neat little people generally, so I supply them each with either a Kleen Kanteen or a SIGG water bottle with sport lids so that they can drink water in the night without spilling it all over themselves. Refills from the tap. :)

  3. evaone says:

    I love the simplicity of the room,from the color until those frames that hangs on the wall… love it.

  4. Laura JW says:

    I really like the use of the buckets! I might try something similar in my bathroom. And the price is totes right! Nice hack!

  5. It's MayMay! says:

    By water bottle, she could be saying a bottle that she fills with tap/filtered water. Not sure, just my thought.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Looks good, but you could put two of them back-to-back and make it even deeper, so it could hold bigger things (I notice right now the Kleenex box doesn’t really fit inside).

    Also, you give your kids bottled water? Expensive habit when the tap water is free and tested to higher standards.

  7. mapsgirl says:

    That’s a great idea!!!

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