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Kitchen unit goes stylish livingroom storage/shelving unit

Materials: 6 ikea Faktum/Akurum wall cabinet with applad white door

Description: I had been looking for a wall mounted storage en shelving solution for a long time but couldn’t find anything affordable which would also hold binders. On a stroll through ikea for one of my clients I ended up in the kitchen area where I found the perfect solution for home and for the office of my client!

First I tried it at home with 6 ikea Factum/Akurum wall cabinets with applad white doors I mounted (well actually my husband) the top 4 the usual way and the bottom 2 with the door upside down. As much space between them as the height of the cabinets.

It turned out to be the perfect solution as it provides a lot of storage and a nice shelving unit to display accessories and books.

So I bought the same amount of wall cabinets for the new office interior of a real estate agent this time 3 normal and 3 upside down.

Happy family and happy real estate agent!

~ Nicolet Groen-Gras Vormgeving, Netherlands

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6 Responses to Kitchen unit goes stylish livingroom storage/shelving unit

  1. isabel says:

    Hi, how did you make the doors open upside down without breaking the hinges?

  2. Jason says:

    I really like this design. It appears no cover panels were used, can someone verify. Seems like one would need cover panels if you don’t want white. That being said, having hard time finding articles about how to apply fully surrounded cover panels. The middle living room one seems to be sagging, or is something attached to the door?

    Thanks in advance.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I WILL find a place in my house for this! EXCELLENT!

  4. Love, love love!!! Looks fantastic!

  5. Lili says:

    Lovesit! :-D

  6. Jenny says:

    I like it! We have a Akurum kitchen cabinet hung on the wall for our office printer. I’ve also put up Akurum cabinets in two bathrooms at a friend’s house, which did not have any storage at all, the sinks didn’t even had a counter top. Very strange design for an American bathroom.

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