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Published on July 26th, 2011 | by Jules Yap


Drift Wood Mirror

Materials: Ikea KOLJA mirror, drift wood, 1/4″ thick plywood, jig saw, construction adhesive glue, glue gun, nail gun and nails*optional

Description: I found an amazing mirror that I was lusting for in the Domino book, but after a long time of searching I found it too pricey so I decided to make one myself!

Step 1- buy the Ikea Kolja 30″ round mirror $19.99

Step 2- get as much drift wood as you can. I purchased a large bulk of it on Etsy.com for under $100 since we don’t get it naturally here in S. Florida

Step 3- purchase a 1/4″ thick sheet of ply wood and have it pre-cut and measured in the store to a 35″ square.

Step 4- take a compass and measure a 34″ circle around your piece of drift wood.

Step 5- take your jig saw and carefully cut your circle. It’s OK if it’s not perfect since this is simply used to anchor the drift wood.

Step 6- glue your Kolja mirror to your ply wood with strong construction adhesive. Let sit 24 hours min.

Step 7- Lay your drift wood pieces out and start to form a frame with them around the ply wood edge and secure with your hot glue gun, layer upon layer.

Step 8- Optional* nail your drift wood to the ply wood just in case the glue doesn’t hold.

Step 9- get a heavy duty nail hanging kit and secure to the back of your play wood

Step 10- hang and wait for all your friends to shower you with compliments:)

See more of the drift wood Kolja mirror.

~ thecubaninmycoffee, Miami, FL

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10 Responses to Drift Wood Mirror

  1. Beautiful mirror but i’m not sure about the application in this acticle. Looks dull.
    I think a bold color in the background/wall will make this mirror stand out. :)

  2. I only have words of praises for creating a masterpiece out of driftwood! It looks really nice similar to the high-priced mirror in shopping centers. Great DIY!

  3. Hi winezzz, I am not sure where there are international ikea stores. Go to http://www.ikea.com and you can look at all the store locations.

    Thanks for your sweet comments. The mirror looks even better in person! Well worth the effort. One of my favorite DIY projects.

  4. winezzz says:

    where is IKEA store, is there a ikea store in Indonesia, pls give me more information

  5. Anonymous says:

    The mirror looks great!

  6. This is such a great idea. You posted the steps to make the wood mirror. the mirror looks so nature because of the drift wood. Nice Job!

  7. Also, for any nit pickets on that bathroom vanity and its “awesome” cuts for the plumbing lines. All the lines had to be moved and the wall was then patched as was the back of the vanity with drawers being retro fitted to the newly placed plumbing lines. More on that once it’s finished. Also an Ikea hack

  8. Hi Keter, thanks. I went to Home Depot and had the guy in the bathroom section help me find the correct mirror adhesive so we won’t have any problems here. I simply glues the back of the mirror to the plywood with the adhesive similar to how you would if adhering one to the drywall in a bathroom. For the drift wood pieces I used a hot glue gun and glued them to each other and the ply wood and then secured them a bit more with a nail gun.

  9. Marjan Smit says:

    Nice. And I’m looking forward to see the rest of this bathroom hack ;-)

  10. Keter says:

    I’m not sure of your assembly technique, but only mirror adhesive should be used on the back sides of mirrors. Any other adhesive will eat into the mirror back and ruin the mirror. If you glued the plywood to the FRONT side of the mirror only, you should be OK.

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