Dokument storagebins

Published on July 18th, 2011 | by Jules Yap


Dokument Hanging Storage Bins

Materials: Dokument Trash Cans, towel hangers, drill, wire nippers
Description: Needing some storage for projects currently in the pipeline, I purchased six Dokument wire mesh trash cans. Since my office/studio is small, I wanted them out of the way. Hence, this project was born.

Using my wire nippers, I snipped a few wires on one side of each bin, making two holes large enough to fit over the towel holders.

Then, I mounted the towel holders on the wall…actually it is a fake door.

The holes in the bins slip right over the towel holders and mount easily on the wall. They are easy to take down and put up, and I can see through them to the project materials.

Once I figured it all out, it didn’t take me much more than an hour to accomplish.
For more photos, click Dokument Hanging Storage Bins.
~ Kim Ballor, Plymouth, MI

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6 Responses to Dokument Hanging Storage Bins

  1. Alfee says:

    It’s not the most aesthetically pleasing but practical enough for the garage, basement or a projects room. Good work!

  2. Fatcat says:

    Great idea. Some people need to see everything inside the bins because they are the visually oriented type.

  3. m.winter says:

    IDEA! To the people commenting about the “Dokument’s”. They are the product name, not what is inside the bins.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Great if could use some Mod Podge and a little funky fabric or card stock paper for a cool look. :)

  5. rollinger says:

    Document? HAHAHA nice try

  6. kyio says:

    dont get me wrong, but this doesnt look like dokumens, but a lot of crap insode the trash bins ;-)

    but i like the idea

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