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Table lamp from Birch

Materials: 3x GRUNDTAL halogen lamp and 2x DEKA cable

I went to the forest to get myself a nice looking birch tree. After cutting it down, I took 1,70 meter from it and let it dry for 6 months.

After this, the outside of the birch tree was dry, but the inside was not yet. I then cut the tree trunk in half. From one end to the other, so I had two half tree trunks of 1,70 meter each.

Those two trunks I bound together but with some wooden bars in between them to create some space for air. This combination I have dried for 1 year. If you do not do it this way, the tree trunk WILL twist and turn and will not stay straight.

The rest of the process just took me a half day.

I took one half of the tree trunk. Cut out the inside of the trunk exactly the size of the Grundtal lamps. I then adjusted the electricity wires to go through the top of the lamp. Added the Deka cables and tested the lights. Worked.

Last I hung it above the dining table and got is straight… That was a bit of tiny measuring. But it worked out fine.

Good luck if you can handle the waiting…

~ HJ Geel, Utrecht, the Netherlands

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18 Responses to Table lamp from Birch

  1. pragati says:

    A great Idea…however this can be done with any wood that you can buy pre-dried. No waiting… :) Just cut.
    Also interior styling-wise, I would put this lamp in a very uncluttered, pristine space where this is the only design element. There should not be any other wooded furniture etc, around it that contradicts/competes with this kind of lamp. Preferably in an office where the furniture is all glass and steel, this will stand out really well.

  2. DJinny says:

    wow!!!! I love it! xx

  3. Anonymous says:

    Verry impressive!

    even though not my taste, this is WOW!!

    • pragati says:

      Oh NO…now I have to retype my long comment…because I chose to comment with my name…!!

      I love this lamp. But I had some suggestions about the space in which this would look even better…interior styling wise. I would use this lamp in a very uncluttered/pristine space that has very light or transparent table top. Wooden furniture around it contradicts with the look of the lamp and does not compliment it well. Glass and steel will compliment the lamp best.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hello termites and pests, welcome to (y)our your new home…

  5. 337 says:

    really nicely done – love to see IKEA lighting products used like this. They seem made to used everywhere. A year huh? dam.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I “wood” really like to make one of these myself. Very creative and beautiful.
    And we should all plant a tree for each one we cut down.
    I <3 trees.

  7. Katrine Anita says:

    OMG! I love this. But isn’t ver heavy?

  8. Eliteq Design says:

    Such a unique and very creative idea, but seems a little heavy to hang this piece. Ilove it though

  9. Mijnheer/ mevrouw Geel in Utrecht, U bent een ( mede) -Nederlander waar ik trots op ben.Wat een prachtige lamp, die zou ik zo willen hebben.Dit is geen gewone Ikea hack, dit is een genie ideetje.Mooi hoor!!
    Vriendelijk groet van een nog niet Ikea hackster in Engeland.

  10. prue says:


  11. Seven11 says:

    Btw: this looks similar and probaly sells for a little fortune:

  12. Seven11 says:

    very slick design!!!! Great Job – give a nice rustic and modern feel

  13. Anonymous says:

    … Will you make me one with the other half of the tree? I can’t wait a year and 6 months and half a day to make one myself; I have enough of a problem waiting 3.5 min for microwave popcorn.

  14. WF says:

    Nice and unique!

  15. Anonymous says:

    This is amazing!! Patience does pay off! :)

  16. Uienifer says:

    Good job and simply creative idea!

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