Published on June 18th, 2011 | by Jules Yap


Pipe table + faktum top

Materials: Faktum abstract doors, metal pipes

Description: In order to create an “industrial looking” table I made the structure with water pipes (with connectors).

4 wheels with brake makes it easy to move around (as it is quite heavy).

Solid wood as a base, to give a modern look, the top is made with 3 cabinet doors (ABSTRACT) shining black.

This perfectly matches with the 4 alu Ikea chairs – matt black!

~ Fabrizio, Italy

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7 Responses to Pipe table + faktum top

  1. Monica Meyer says:

    What size wheel thread? I’ve been wanting to do something similar – attaching wheels to pipes, but haven’t been sure about how to get the sizes right. thanks!

  2. Sona says:

    I am Falling in Love with this page. My good what a idea. Table of Pipes:D. Very creative.Thanks for puting it on the webpage.

  3. Fab says:

    hi Chris,

    the kee klamp would make the job easier, but it not the look i was looking for. the prob of piping forniture is the desing, as you have to take care of the clockwise rule.

    on top of the piping there is a solid pinewood layer, then the doors are on top of it (screws).

    what i like of the abstrakt doors is the glass look. looks like glass without the prob of being fragile.

  4. How are the doors attached to the table top?

  5. This would be great if you made it with Kee Klamp fittings: http://www.simplifiedbuilding.com/store/components/kee-klamp.html Maybe I”ll end up doing that!

  6. Bisqui says:

    Looks pretty steady!

  7. Anonymous says:


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