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IVAR Bathroom Space Saver over toilet for renters

Materials: IVAR side units, IVAR shelf, OBSERVATOR cross-braces, LENDA fabric, push-pins, hammer, screwdriver

Description: Having quite small bathroom, without space for closet or an opportunity to replace any furniture, since we are renting, we have to be creative. There are many space-savers for bathroom on the market but most of them quite ugly and/or expensive ($100 easily).

We needed nice-looking closed storage with open access to the only power outlet which is place right above the toilet.

+ 2 IVAR side units x $20/each
+ 4 IVAR shelves x $5/each
+ 2 OBSERVATOR cross-braces (just to be safe since I couldn’t make a shelf on the bottom) x $5/each
+ 1 yard of LENDA fabric x $5.99
+ 2 dozens of push-pins x $3

BUDGET: $80 TIMING: 2 hrs

I built a tower with cross-braces, mounted shelves everywhere except bottom, covered side part with fabric and made a curtain to cover it all from the front side. Easy-peasy but very pretty looking if you are into Scandinavian design.

~ Natasha, NYC

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12 Responses to IVAR Bathroom Space Saver over toilet for renters

  1. Mase says:

    Which size of the IVAR side unit and shelves did you use?

  2. candice says:

    This is a great! The Molger is way too wide for my tiny space. This looks very similar and is much more narrow so a perfect solution for me. I’ll put a couple coats of poly on and call it a day. Thank you for the idea!

  3. Anonymous says:

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. Natasha says:

    TO Mie fra Mies Mirakler: thank you so much, very glad you liked it!

    TO Eloquacious: Haha, thank you, my bad! I wanted to show that there is enough space for opening, I could have writenn it as well.

    TO The Others: It’s beautiful, but there is no one available in my local IKEA shops. I see it first time and love it!

    TO burrito: me too! very frustrating!

    TO bani: thank you, appreciate it!

    TO Arts: interestingly, I wasn’t sure about this at first and decided to try. It’s fine and you don’t sit under the shelves somehow, they are quite high. You don’t really notice them. We are living with it for 2 years already and still fine, I didn’t expect it to go that well too.

    At Walmart, I got it in the beginning: it’s very flimsy, terribly done and made of some cheap materials, almost cardboard. Doors don’t close properly, shelves don’t hold enough, closed back wall doesn’t allow me to use the only outlet and such… I had to return it back, it was terrible quality and it is pretty low too, so still lot of space is wasted. But thank you for the link.

  5. Arts says:

    Um.. with the way this shelf has been designed/hacked, aren’t you half sitting inside the shelf if you lean back?? Probably because the flush tank isn’t installed behind the toilet.

    And, you can get nicer looking ones from Walmart for just $31 – you could repaint it to any color and it would still cost less than $80.

  6. The Others says:

    We are obligated to say for every furniture that you need to fix it ^^

  7. bani says:

    But the Molger one Ikea offers has to be screwed into the wall. I checked because I, too, rent. ;) And I was so thrilled when I saw it, too.

    The toilet seat has to be up to show that it can be, i.e. there is space for it. Don’tchaknow.

  8. The Others says:

    Just click on the link oO … it exist, and it’s cheaper than what he does … oO

  9. burrito says:

    I have always wondered why Ikea doesn’t have any over-the-toilet shelves/cabinets?? If ever there was a space-maximizing bit of furniture, surely this is it?

  10. Eloquacious says:

    The hack is cool and all, but seriously, they couldn’t close the toilet before taking a photo?

  11. That was a really great idea! I have a couple of those IVAR side units, thought about selling them but now I think I know what to do with them, thanks for sharing! *♥*

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