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Hyllis Garage "Man Cave"

Materials: Hyllis Storage, Melamine Shelves, Screws

Description: I needed to convert an ugly mess in my garage into a “man cave” with a useable bench — I was sick and tired of all the projects being conducted on my kitchen bench! And my budget is very small.

We used:

6 x Hyllis storage units from Ikea Homebush, NSW ($16.99 each) – which we cut down to 3 shelves
2 x Melamine shelves from Bunnings Hardware ($13.99 each)
16 x screws we already had

1. Build the six Hyllis units as per the instructions, but don’t put on the 4th (top) shelf.
2. Cut off the left-over bracket between the 3rd shelf and what would have been the top shelf.
3. Place the unused 4th shelf on top of the bottom shelf for added stability. No drilling or screwing necessary,
4. Position the units 2 deep x 3 wide.
5. Drill pilot holes in each of the top shelves (we did 2 per shelf x 6 shelves).
6. Position melamine shelves on top on Hyllis units. leaving overhang on both sides (we used 120cm x 60xm shelves)
7. From underneath, drill 12mm screws into melamine shelves to fix into place.

The whole job took us about 2 hours and the end result is fantastic and economical.

~ Frances, Sydney, Australis

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10 Responses to Hyllis Garage "Man Cave"

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Meg

    The Hyllis shelves are very easily drilled through or cut – they are strong but thin. To make the pilot holes to screw the white top, we used a standard electric drill and applied a small amount of pressure. You could even use a big nail and hammer to punch a hole. Suggest you go and see it at your local Ikea. Not sure about the Fixa kit because I have never used one.


  2. Meg says:

    Hello! I’m a girl from Italy and i have a technical question…Can Hyllis be easily perforated? What do you use? Can be Hyllis hanged on the wall using Fixa tools? Thanks very much

  3. Anonymous says:

    The carpet is only at the workbench part of the garage, the rest of the floor is concrete. Thanks for the advice on the gas bottle I will move it outside.


  4. Anonymous says:

    @captainpotato: Reminds me of those with fuzzy toilet seats — completely impractical. I wish that he’d not put carpet in a garage.

  5. … Except this one does have a car in it.

    Reminds me of the first time I saw carpet in a bathroom in the UK.

    Nice workshop. Wish I had one.

  6. Anonymous says:

    This looks awesome. Makes me wish the Hyllis units were deeper, because something similar to this would make a good stereo cabinet–but I don’t think these are deep enough to fit standard size audio components.

  7. Aliza says:

    You can see the car peaking out so there is a car in that garage. I hope my husband doesn’t see this- he would love it!

  8. Anonymous says:

    … please move that propane/natural gas cylinder outside! Never store them in an enclosed space with ignition sources so close by!

  9. Anonymous says:

    What kind of question was that??? A garage doesn’t have to be occupied with a car. Many garages have all except a car inside. That hack is nice.

  10. Anonymous says:

    You have carpet in your garage? Wow! Is that an australian thing?

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