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Expedit nightstand

Expedit drawers

I have a tiny space between the bed and the wall but I needed a nightstand on my side of the bed.

I’ve been looking for something that fits my 30cm space for a while but I wanted something with drawers or a door.

At least I bought the insert with 2 drawers and screwed it directly to the wall so you can tidy up easily.

Finally I bought a glass in the glazier to put on the top. My idea was to put a white glass but it was more expensive so it’s completely transparent.

~ Mireia, Barcelona

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9 Responses to Expedit nightstand

  1. Tas says:

    I don’t understand how u secured the drawers. I have some drawers and a wall that has 2 sides I can secure the cardboard around it (1side and back). But I don’t understand how the drawers don’t fall out if you don’t have the 3rd side(by your bed). Secured

    Sorry I must be missing something but can’t figure it out And think this idea would be perfect if I could get it to work

    I only have a 13.5″ space too for a bedside table and would love to have lots of drawers

  2. jo says:

    maybe some glued (or even not) paper? or some fabric? maybe same design, but different tones of color on the two nightstands? or plain lines for him and flowers for her? or you can create some kind of picture collection; your cat, his car ;-)
    if you just insert what you like you can change it at any time. like that “his” picture on friday can become another “his” on monday, when your boyfriend has left, or you’re having some other friend visiting……;-)p

    is there maybe space under the glass? you can maybe consider decorate with some spices, maybe lavender? that can help you sleep. or even a small snake….
    ok, forget it. i’m just tired….
    but some ideas are good, i feel.

  3. Simplastics says:

    you are very resourceful. nice nightstand.

    love the idea of just putting two drawers directly into the wall… great blog

  4. Anonymous says:

    Can anyone tell me what that star lamp is called?
    I love it!

  5. Anonymous says:

    most spraypaints will stick to glass as well. spray paint the back.
    looks very good either way.

  6. Anonymous says:

    hi mireia,
    you can buy in leroy merlin electrostatic vinyl, they have a lots model: someone untransparant a lost cost

  7. MacMama says:

    You could stick window plastic on the glass to make it untransparant.

  8. Tabitha says:

    etching cream or glass paint on the bottom side would also be as solution for the glass

  9. Iwetto says:

    Great idea !!!

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