Knodd lidlight

Published on May 21st, 2011 | by Jules Yap


The Ehlers Lid-light

Materials: Knodd lid, Drill, rubberthingy from car, green wire, 2 Hemma, 2 Sparsam

Description: I bought a Knodd and used the bucket as a planter.
Since I had a green theme going, I had been looking for some green pendels. One day I found the lid, while cleaning, and made this:

1: I measured up the existing holes in the celing wire-exit, and drilled two holes in the lid.

2: Measured across the lid, to find the widest spot. Then, using the bumb in the lid, I drilled 2 holes, directly across eachother.

3: I cut a piece of rubber wireprotection from an old car, and put it in the holes. This is to avoid the edge of the lid to cut throug the insulation on the wire.

4: I replaced the Hemma wire with a green one, I bought in an upscale furniture-store.

5: Then the wires was plugged in with the celing wires, and the lid screwed indto the existing holes.

6: Lastly, the Sparsam bulps was put in, and the light turned on.

It really fits the room well.

~ Anders Ehlers, Denmark

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4 Responses to The Ehlers Lid-light

  1. sooz says:

    I LOVE this idea. I used this garbage can in my kitchen but then moved it to my office to hold gift wrap rolls but had no use for the lid. I was cleaning out my garage this weekend and came across the lid and almost tossed it. I was also looking this weekend for a unique light fixture for the workbench area of my garage and I think now I’ve found it. Thank you!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    The “rubber thingy” (love that!) is called a rubber grommet and is sold for exactly the reason you said, to prevent sharp edges from cutting into electrical wire. You can find them in the electrical section of any hardware store and they’re cheap.

    I like the look and the green color!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Instead of drilling holes, you could have just removed the handle and used those holes for the wires. That way, you also have the additional benefit of not having a handle in your ceiling.

  4. MacMama says:

    A bin-lid on your ceiling? Doesn’t look very apealing to me…

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