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Sniglar grows up too!

Materials: Sniglar changing table, saw, sanding paper

Description: Sniglar makes a great set of play tables when it’s no longer needed for nappy changing!

Simply saw it in half, sand raw edges down, and voila!

We also screwed on (when it was used as a changing table) 2 Sigfried wooden brackets to the side to hold a plastic top and tail bowl, which works equally well as a toy/ bits and bobs bowl.

It also matches some of the other Ikea children’s range, like the Mala easel.

~ Hettiella, Scotland

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2 Responses to Sniglar grows up too!

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’ve done the same with our second-hand Sniglar changing table – it wasn’t in good enough condition to hand on to any other expectant parents, plus I like the idea of keeping a bit of history! My 3.5yo daughter has the taller table and my 16mth son has the little one – perfectly sized for both children!
    I’ve painted one of the table tops green using acrylic paint but its already scratching off a bit so think it will need a coat of varnish too. We attached a couple of plastic pots for water & cotton wool to the side in the same way you added the top & tail bowl, which are now being reused for crayons/ hair accessories/fairy wands etc etc
    Kate – UK

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thank you so much! I wanted to buy the Sniglar changing table for our twins but my husband mocked it as uni-tasker. Now that I can show we can use it for something else when the kids are older I’ll probably buy one.

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