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Retro 60′s Expedit Stereo Corner

Materials: Expedit Bookcase (White), Besta Vara Door (Walnut Effect), Capita Legs 4″ & 6″, Orgel Pendant Lamp Shade, Hemma Cord Set, Lerberg CD/DVD Wall Racks

Description: Well, this project is actually for my dad but it is my first IKEA Hack. He has a large collection of vinyl albums, CD’s, and even tapes ::scoff:: My parents have had this “den” junked up with stuff for a couple years now and I thought I’d get them jump started on cleaning it up.

I DID borrow this hack from a previous stereo cabinet hack from a few years ago but added a bit more to it.

I started with an Expedit Bookcase, I took 4″ Capita legs and attached 6 to the bottom of it. I then took a Besta Vara door, which was the perfect measurement to the depth of the bookcase and length of equipment that was to be stored on it, and I mounted it to the top of the bookcase with 6″ Capita legs and 3M Exterior Heavy-duty Double-sided tape. You can find that at most home improvement stores. It’s the gray kind that’s a bit stretchy…it’s easy to remove and it won’t damage the laminate. From there is was a matter of finishing touches. I added the Orgel hanging lamp to brighten it up and Lerberg racks on the wall for cd storage and an art effect.

I apologize for the unfinished paint job at the base of the wall and trim. It’s all gonna be white to match the crown moulding my brother-in-law and I installed this past weekend. Added a bit of cool artwork and accessories to make the whole thing look retro!

~ Jeremy, Tennessee

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9 Responses to Retro 60′s Expedit Stereo Corner

  1. Kyle says:

    Looks great. I was wondering about the shelf you top mounted. The 6″ capita legs are mounted to the expedit. Does the Besta Vera door simple rest on the upside-down capita legs? Or was the heavy duty tape applied to the legs, which in turn stick to the underside of the Besta door?

  2. Sorry for the late response. The Capita Legs DO come with everything you need. I DID NOT pre-drill because I didn’t want to chance losing any “hold” inside that cardboard press material. It all seems to hold up really well. I even have it sitting on that thick carpet, in what used to be a garage with a slight slope in the concrete underneath. With all the weight of the albums in the bottom shelves, it makes it more sturdy. If you didn’t load up the bottom with albums or something then it might get top heavy with all that stereo equipment. All in all it turned out exactly as I envisioned it.

  3. Anonymous says:

    That looks pretty awesome. Did you simply drill some holes in the Expedit Bookcase for the Capita legs? Do they come with the necessary hardware?

    Also, do you find the unit sturdy on those legs?

  4. Anonymous says:

    I’m thinking about using those legs on a Besta (no pre-drilled holes for those legs)..The Besta would have all my stereo equip in it and my TV on top. Are there any tips (types of screws, etc) for attaching the legs. I’d hate the thing to crack in half.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Very nice work. I’ve long thought of using EXPEDIT for a stereo cabinet. Alas, I got a nice console table 35% off at pier 1. If it weren’t for that, I’d love to create my own version of this setup.

  6. I am a music lover. The ideal cabinet for me. I want this.

  7. It’s more steady the way I did it but I can see that being a little more aesthetically pleasing. ;)

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I would have bolted the legs to the shelf holding the cd changer and not the white expedit.

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