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Lillangen Office Storage

Materials: 3 Lillangen bathroom cabinets, 1 Lilliangen base, mending platesDescription: The Ikea had Lilliangen on clearance, so each cabinet was $50 and the base was $25. This was the perfect size and height for many applications around my house. I used it for a tall cabinet in my office area, I thought it would be perfect for the dining room as a bar or china cabinet too. Using 3 cabinets stacked vertically with mending plates on the inside, I was able to make a light and airy cabinet. The top is a piece of shelf from the discontinued Ikea kitchen series, these were $1 apiece.

The shelves are adjustable. I was thinking of making a pull-out drawer in the middle section because it’s perfect for a desk.

There is no backside to the shelf, so light gets in from the wall reflection. I was thinking about using this as a plant cabinet so the cats wouldn’t attack my plants, and they could have light. I was also thinking of using this cabinet in my vintage Silver Streak trailer, it’s aluminum and the trim matches. The cabinet is very light weight, each might be only 30lbs, so unlike all the other Ikea cabinets, I can carry this by myself. It also is a very small box and can fit into a VW Golf trunk. Here is the cabinet in its normal bathroom application.

~ Ninjarita, Minneapolis

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4 Responses to Lillangen Office Storage

  1. Ninjarita says:

    The plant in photo is a Japanese Maple. That would be a very tall pot plant!

  2. Jules says:

    Thanks Bart. Link is now working. :)

  3. Anonymous says:

    Nice marijuana plant ^^

  4. Bart says:

    The last link (to the cabinate in its normal bathroom application) does not work, a space was added to the end of the URL by accident.

    The correct URL is: Here is the cabinet in its normal bathroom application

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