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Expedit re-purposed as bed frame for maximum storage

Materials: Expedit bookcases, Sultan Luroy slats


Step 1. Trawl endless furniture shops looking for a cheap, portable bed frame with lots of storage. Impossible!

Step 2. A friend suggested stealing milk crates to use as a frame – far too much effort trying to track enough down!

Step 3. A quick search for “milk-crate” inspiration found this but I thought it was way too high so investigated a few other options, meanwhile, still sleeping on the floor :(

Step 4. Ikea just brought out a single-layer version of the Expedit, so this was very straightforward to construct. i.e. build 2 bookshelves, space them apart, lay the slats on top. Done!

I expect I will have to fasten the slats down more securely (currently held with masking tape on strips of cardboard) and the bookcases aren’t quite as long as the bed so I’m going to build another box to go under the end of the mattress for more support, but it’s a vast improvement on what I had before.

So for $268, I now have a bed frame I can transport in a small car, carry up 3 flights of stairs on my own and store heaps of junk in it!

~ Jill, Sydney

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25 Responses to Expedit re-purposed as bed frame for maximum storage

  1. Dodie says:

    I found something similar on ikeas website, but it says the max weight is 31lbs per bookcase. Is that what yours said too?

    • Brian says:

      The 31 lbs is the weight EACH SHELF will support as intended, a book shelf. Not layed on their sides to be used for other purposes. Think about it…

  2. Emma says:

    Were is that bedding from?

  3. Jill says:

    Still holding a queen-sized bed, no sagging, 3 years and 3 moves on :) I’m really impressed by how springy the slats still are!

  4. Tina says:

    Will it hold a queen sized bed? It’s been almost 3 years since you posted this. Has the bed slat sagged or broke by now? Im considering on making my own DIY Bed slat that may be thicker? But if this one slat from IKEA works for a Queen just fine and doesn’t sag in time, I’m sold.

  5. Ricky says:

    Are these shelfs strong enough to hold a person weight like that? O.o

  6. Lynn says:

    I love this. I might want to do a twin version for my daughter. What did you use for the headboard?

  7. Jill says:

    Thanks for all your comments! I have had no problems with the weight of the bed being supported, The mattress I have is a queen-size innerspring mattress. It overhangs at one end by about 20cm, which is why I plan to put an extra box at the end for a little extra support. I’ve found it actually doesn’t really need it. I also don’t think it needs any central support either, because the width of the shelves means the space in the middle is actually not very big, definitely less than a normal single bed would be. As far as the weight factor goes, I am about 60kg and don’t feel precarious at all on the bed. The slats are laminated timber and are designed to be used on any normal double bed frame, they are quite springy and I don’t think this is an issue. I was planning on constructing the box with a padded board on it as the headboard, but haven’t bothered because since it is so much higher than I anticipated, the headboard would block my window. I have a spare mattress slotted beside it which serves just as well. The bedspread is by but I doubt this design is still available. I am really pleased with how it turned out, and if I had access to a workshop and tools I would put some finishing touches on it to make it a bit sturdier, (the mattress does shift a little because the slats aren’t bolted down yet) but otherwise it serves me very well!

  8. tbell83 says:

    What size mattress does this support? It looks like the unit is about 73″ long, and a queen mattress is 80″.

  9. Blade says:

    Yeah, how much weight are we talking? i’m having doubts about 300+ lbs of adults being supported …

  10. Anonymous says:

    I just made an Expedit bed myself a few months ago; as another person said, it’s not new. I used 3/4″ plywood instead of slats and bolted steel U-beams underneath for structural support that doesn’t block the empty space with a leg. The space between the Expedits is the perfect size for 2 under-bed storage boxes and my laundry hamper (queen size). It’s very sturdy and I’m extremely happy with it!

  11. Anonymous says:

    While I’m never one to criticize for too much structure, if you’ve ever looked at the basic steel bed-frames that are often given away with new mattress/box spring sets, they are like gossamer compared to the structure of this “design.” That said, I think it is important to be sure that there are sufficient slats (probably only need about 2/3 of what’s pictured, if using a box-spring under the mattress; if a packed cotton futon, what’s pictured is probably needed, plus some support down the middle), evenly spaced and secured to spread the load, if the bed is larger than a full.

  12. What a fabulous idea. Consider this one well and truly “borrowed” for my upcoming bedroom remodel.

    Currently in the process of remodelling my bathroom which features a “hacked” Ikea kitchen trolley as a basin stand. I’ll send photos once it’s finished.

  13. Brenda says:

    i’m also wondering how much weight it can support. exepdit bed frames have crossed my mind in the past but idk about the weight. i TOTALLY <3 this though. and i agree. ikea should have an expedit bedframe.

  14. FIDM Fashion Club says:

    If you are a college student then this idea is great! I remember always looking for places to hide my shoes and other goodies and this built-in storage under the bed is AWESOME!

  15. bani says:

    What are you using for a headboard? Please tell me it’s something fantastically easy that I can steal for myself … ;)

  16. Sing says:

    May need more supports in general, as I’m sure that amount of weight may be an issue. But I love the concept.

  17. Great idea. Think it will work well.

  18. James says:

    Great idea though I’d also be a bit worried by the lack of a central support running up the centre of the bed.

  19. Lisa says:

    Great idea!! I’m seriously considering this as my new bed since I’m moving in a few weeks.

    And: Thanks for hosting this amazing website! It’s so inspiring to go through the archives and see these great ideas in one place and don’t have to google for everything one searches. Thank you!

  20. Anonymous says:

    How much weight can these take though? One or more adults would break it no?

  21. Anonymous says:

    Where did you get the bed spread??

  22. T&T says:

    Neat – kind of surprised ikea haven’t done an expedit bedframe like this already. Is it a single bed? If not, maybe need to add some central support to prevent sagging. Good work!

  23. Kirsten says:

    GENIUS!!!!!!!! That would look so cute with the straw baskets from Ikea in there.

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