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EFFEKTIV standing desk

Materials: EFFEKTIV filing cabinet, wood boards, table legs

Description: The base of this hack is an EFFEKTIV filing cabinet with castors. I added some table legs and wooden boards to create a standing desk with a monitor support to get it up to eye height.

The height of the table legs depends on how tall you are. I used 30cm legs to get the desk board to a height of 126cm (I’m rather tall at 6’9″) and 10cm legs for the monitor support.

The particular table legs I used have M10 screw threads at the bottom. I drilled a hole for each leg into the top of the EFFEKTIV and fixated the desk on the filing cabinet with hexagon bolts and washers. I did the same to fixate the monitor support on the desk board.

The two lights are JANSJÖ, the basket for the cables and power strip are no-name from the hardware store and Bluelounge CableDrops keep the MacBook’s power and monitor cable from dropping off the desk when detached.

See more of the Effektiv standing desk.

~ Thomas Borowski, Germany

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Jules Yap

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7 Responses to EFFEKTIV standing desk

  1. Anonymous says:

    This will probably never be answered, but I’m curious if the top shelf there is sagging? Or is it just an illusion?

    going to build a similar thing with two sets of CAPITA, although I suspect the weight rating will get me in the end.

  2. Tom says:

    @Anonymous(1): I have a separate computer for the standing desk.

    @Phillip: The desktop actually extends beyond the cabinet a bit on all sides, which I did for exactly the reason you mentioned :)

  3. This is a nice DIY desk you have put together. Looks like something you could even buy at a store! Are you able to get close enough to the desk top without bumping your legs on the cabinet?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Really a nice project you did.

  5. Anonymous says:

    so you move the computers to another desk when you want to sit? in other words, this is not an adjustable desk…?

  6. Tom says:

    Standing is definitively easier on my back. I still sit most of the day due to the nature of my work (I need two monitors), but the occasional standing is a nice change.

  7. majeral says:

    wow 6’9″ .. Is it easier on your back? I want to do this because from sitting to much I am having health problems. I am 5″0…lol looks nice

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