Published on May 4th, 2011 | by Jules Yap


Director’s chair for the Ikea Jeff Folding Chair

Materials: Ikea JEFF Folding Chair, Non-Woven Recycle Bag, 1 foot square pillow (Optional), Duck Tape, Steel Wire

Description: I was happy to own a Ikea JEFF chair since I bought it few year back, until the day during a visit of a close friend, after long hours of chatting, my friend did a stretch of body and the back of the chair broken into 2 pieces.

It is kind of waste for me to dump the chair as all other parts of the chair work well, I have tried to glue the back with a piece of steel rod to reinforce however it just won’t last as it just break when someone lean their back on it.

Today, I have thought of to wrap it with a piece of clothes and a wild idea came to my mind, would recycle bag just fit well on it?

I just grab a non-woven recycle bag somewhere at the kitchen and try to fit on it upside down, well, it goes just fine and the non-woven material provide enough reinforcement to hold my back yet kind of comfortable.

Then I thought of a 1 foot square pillow given by my friend during last Christmas which would come in handy to add in extra comfort to the chair. I just slip it into the chair and it fits well too! Everything just go so smooth and I can even hide the handle of the bag into it yet the handle helps to hold the pillow. With the help of little steel wire, the pillow just fits nicely inside the bag.

After that, I realised that the edge of the frame is quite sharp and I foresee this going to poke through the bag after some days of wear, so, I remove the whole bag and apply duck tape around the edge to make sure it is blunt enough to hold the bag without doing any harm to it.

That’s it! The hack works just well and I love my little JEFF again, it is comfy yet looks like a director’s chair with the cloth back. The best part it, it still able to be folded as usual.

~ Helios Loo, Malaysia

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5 Responses to Director’s chair for the Ikea Jeff Folding Chair

  1. Marion says:

    Ah yes… A fabric fix, excellent idea! :)
    (Off to fix my chairs…)

  2. helios says:

    Thanks much for the comments, and really appreciate that :-)

  3. Anonymous says:

    I had the same problem with this chair: I love your hack!

  4. Hugh says:

    If anyone else was wondering about the broken back part (as I was), it’s been removed. That wasn’t clear from the RSS feed version of the post, since it didn’t include the photo showing the duct taped end of the pole.

    Not all hacks have to be cute; this one clearly aims for function rather than form. Well done Helios.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Cutre, no more

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