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Published on April 24th, 2011 | by Jules Yap


Studio Bed Solution

Materials: Mandal Bed Frame and Mattress

Description: We designed the project based on an idea in the NY Times about a Cube in a loft apartment. The designer used the basic idea, but applied it to a studio without a high ceiling.

To keep the cost lower than starting from scratch we used an IKEA bed frame. We also wanted to have extra storage and the Mandal has drawer space in the frame.

Step one: my carpenter built a frame on to the Mandal structure using pre-painted and finished lumber. The frame includes shelves made from poplar wood. We left the shelves unpainted, but added a coat of white paint to the entire upper structure to match the Mandal storage drawers.

Step two: We added nine wheels to the Mandal to make the entire structure mobile. The wheels are from Nine wheels were necessary for each part of the Mandal that was load-bearing. The wheels can be locked easily with fingers or with a gentle push from the toes.

Step three: We added a plastic material to the exterior from Piedmont Plastics. The material is polycarbonate plastic. We chose green and blue as more soothing colors.

Steps four and five: are yet to be completed. A headboard will be added with a material not yet chose covering it. Also a drop-down desk will be added to the structure that will allow a person to sit on the bed and use it or outside the structure to use it while sitting on a chair. Remote controlled battery operate lights are also planned.

See more photos of the studio bed solution.

~ Timothy Poe, Washington, DC

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13 Responses to Studio Bed Solution

  1. Ulrich Kristensen says:

    Hi there.
    I am from Denmark. I found this site when i was trying to figure out how to put Wheels on our mandal bed so we could move it around. It is a very nice job you did for your studio. Can you tell me or show me some Pictures of how you put the Wheel on the frame. Did you attach them directly to the frame or did you build somekind of extra reinforcement on which to attach the Wheels. Hope you can help me. I thank you in advance. Ulrich Kristensen :)

  2. viziodiforma says:


  3. Timothy Poe says:

    9 castors in all. Three on each end and three across the middle. We had to build in blocks for the corners and sides. Wish I would have gotten better photos, but I was too busy helping my carpenter! Take a look at this photo and it might help though:

  4. could you share the castor placement for the mandal? Any info would be greatly appreciated.

  5. Timothy Poe says:

    The material is called “Polycarbonate” – very inexpensive, light and strong. Comes in other colors typically.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Hi, I was wondering what material you used for the back of the shelves? (it’s the blue/green part). Thanks!

  7. Timothy Poe says:

    We used 9 wheels to carry the load evenly and went with reasonably good casters. One person can turn the bed and it can be moved to any part of the apartment (on a warm night it can moved closer to the balcony for example). Also the wheels make the structure easy to move to a more out of the way and attractive view when visitors are in the apartment.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I wonder how the wheels can hold such a weight ( counting two adults on the bed ! ) – but as a student who lived in a studio, I do love this cube full of ingenious ideas.Of course, this kind of moving structures still needs enough place to… move furnitures. A lot of studios are already making human movements difficult !

  9. Anonymous says:

    Wonderful! Nice work!

  10. Fatcat says:

    I really like this!

  11. Timothy Poe says:

    Thanks, Fatcat. Sorry about the quality of the photos. They don’t do justice to the color. The blue and green just glow in the room. The IKEA bedframe worked perfectly and saved us lots of money.

    It should be completely finished in about two or three weeks. My girlfriend just selected a cloth for headboard and the designer and myself ran through small change ideas for the last parts. I need to order some pivots for the drop down desk, but once that’s in it should look a different. Something with a little curve to counterbalance all the right angles. Still mulling the lights.

  12. Timothy Poe says:

    Thanks Anonymous!

    The designer of my project is Shubhanker Sanyal (it’s good to have a neighbor who is an architect). When I forwarded the NY Times story to him a couple months ago (or so) he was already thinking of a cube,or square, so it was a bit of serendipity. I think the NY Times article for us was more of a sense that we were going in the right direction with the idea. That Cube in the Times is eye popping cool though.

  13. Anonymous says:

    The cube featured in the New York Times:

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