Published on April 28th, 2011 | by Jules Yap


How To: Give an inexpensive door mat a welcoming modern makeover

Materials: TRAMPA door mat, contact paper, spray paint

Description: After a winter of salt and snow, my hardwood floors had taken a beating. So, once I got them scrubbed down, I vowed to keep them in better shape with a door mat at every entrance. So I did what most DIYers would do – went to IKEA. I snagged a basic, large coir mat for $8.00, and picked up a can of spray paint on the way back. Add an hour of work, and you’ve got a custom, mod mat that you whipped up yourself.

Get the full how-to on the welcome mat modern makeover.

~ Chris Gardner

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3 Responses to How To: Give an inexpensive door mat a welcoming modern makeover

  1. Anonymous says:

    Spraypaint actually resists salt and water pretty well, especially since it’ll have absorbed into the fibers of the mat. This should look alright for a season at least.

    It would last even longer in a dry climate, like in the Southwest.

  2. Stephanie S says:

    This looks totally fantastic. Really sweet design too! I’m also curious about the durability of the spray paint, but it’s easier to replace this than your hardwood floors!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Looks nice but paint can’t resist salt and water. It will also harden and rub away with use. You’re going to need to put another clear coat to preserve it

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