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Pallbo fusion: Double Pallbo storage box

Materials: Pallbo footstools, Fredrika fabric

Description: Lisa and I had a couple of Pallbo footstools laying around the house. Pallbo is nice, but is a big waste of space. Surfing the Web I came across this page. I had some scrap wood in the basement, so I decided to merge the two to obtain a bigger upholstered chest to store some blankets.

Bill of materials:
2 Solsta Pallbo footstools
4 small wood boards to join the panels
some plywood for the lid
Fredrika fabric
velcro tape
3 hinges

First I disassembled the footstools. Then I joined the two front panels side-by-side using two small boards. I did the same with the two backs. Then I cut the feet and I re-assembled the box, using the old lids to make the bottom of the box. Then I cut a piece of plywood to make the new lid. Then I fastened the hinges and glued the foam on top of the lid.

Now for the hardest part: upholstery. I took my mother’s more than 40 years old sewing machine and I sewed a new lining for the box using a couple of meters of Fredrika fabric. Beware to prewash the fabric before to do anything, as it will shrink about 4%. All the new lining is hold in place with Velcro tape, making the box easily unlineable.

Then, with the left fabric, I made a coordinated pillow.

Now, after about five days, we have a new storage box, and all the blankets are not messing around anymore!

Less confusion => happier wife => better life! 

~ Alberto, Tavagnacco, UD, Italy

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2 Responses to Pallbo fusion: Double Pallbo storage box

  1. Margaret says:

    Great idea because it is a waste not to have storage with Pallbo. Another idea is use plywood bottom and create a dual opening top from original lids: more upholstering but 2 accesses.

  2. NICE makeover!!
    “Less confusion => happier wife => better life!” LOVE it!!

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