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Kitchen cafe counter

Materials: 2 tall Ikea cabinet doors about 6 feet found in the as is section for $12 each, 8 foot 3/4 inch metal tubing, angle brackets,woodscrews, saw, drill,hacksaw, level 6 or 8 plumbing fixture wall /floor rings 1/2 inch wood screws, Anchors

Description: Cut Ikea Tall Hard plastic coated doors to length sparing the factory edge for visible ends. One slightly longer for top shelf. Cut tubing to desired height for counter. Hold tube to wall and mark height. With a level, mark on wall shelf height. Attach 3 – 3/4 inch l brackets to underside of shelf with 1/2 inch woodscrews.

Stack all shelves and counter with wall edge lined up. Drill a small hole where you want the post to be through all shelves. Mount Rings on top of and under each shelf/counter with 1/2 inch woodscrews. Mount 3 or more 3/4 inch angle brackets on the underside of each with 1/2inch woodscrews

Mount counter to wall with screws as long as needed and/or with wall anchors. The Counter should really be secure as you will be leaning on it. the first post that you cut will hold the other end while you mount to wall. You might need a hand.

Now that your Counter is mounted to wall place a ring on the floor to prevent post from sliding. this can be secured with screws to floor or you can get a rubber non slip foot to put on the end.

Cut the next tube to height and follow same method as the counter . Mine does not go to ceiling but it could. Upper shelves have the finished side facing down so you don’t see the large hinge hardware holes. After a few years of wear you can reverse the shelves and have a new surface.

The shelves I used had a hard plastic coating that seems to be fairly durable. My heights were based on the stools but you could use chairs. Also you could mount a wine glass rack under shelf or Computer keyboard tray under counter.

This was based on a $1200 designer unit I saw.

~ Scott Bourgeois, Vancouver

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8 Responses to Kitchen cafe counter

  1. Jenny says:

    I love the table, but at my house they’d slam that door next to the table so hard, everything would rattle off the top shelves.

  2. easilyriled says:

    very smart! I didn’t know those were doors. As for things falling on children, well–the good thing about kids is they tend to spring right back to their original shape after bumping into things or falling. Their bones aren’t really bones yet.
    and for you folks worried about safety, well–live on the edge! sit on chairs placed near shelves made of doors! go a little crazy–you know you want to–

  3. Spiros says:

    I am in progress on doing something similar, using a modified shoe-cupboard as counter base.
    Is it sturdy enough without the pole connecting the top shelf to the ceiling? It would save me some effort by not making holes at the ceiling..

  4. 25FLONDON says:

    I also love the idea, but wouldn’t want to sit on the chairs either! I can just imagine bumping into the table & a jar falling on my head.

    I think with a little tweaking, it’d be a lot safer.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Cute idea, but it looks like those jars are already 1/4 of the way off the shelving!

  6. Connie Walsh says:

    All the mom’s are thinking the same thing. Please put edges on the shelves so that a random bump on the table doesn’t bring down a jar on your head.

    I love the idea though. Takes space in a small kitchen and uses it to the absolute max. I love the high ceilings…oh I would love high ceilings but alas, can’t afford them.

  7. Miriam says:

    i would not feel comfortable sitting there. it just doesn’t look very safe.

  8. Anonymous says:

    it seems to me you have children. Don’t you think the stuff you put on the up shelves are a danger risk for them? I mean from falling on them. You should only put very light item on the top. Also, what is good if cafés (even disgner) is not good in a home. just telling.

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