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Ikea fruitbowl lamp


Last year we redid the bathroom and toilets, and that included the corridor upstairs, which got a place for 3 wall lamps, instead of the hanging lamp that did not illuminate much.

So we spent lots of time looking for lamps (more than 6 months) and never found anything we liked. Even the painter, with whom we have a subscription (he should pass by every month to fix this and that), complains with us that we still did not get lamps…

To put an end to that, during a visit to Ikea, my wife had an Idea(TM – ideas from Ikea) for making a lamp…using a fruit bowl.

So we got one, and I started devising a way of installing it in the very small junction box. The final solution was a very simple 2 long M4x40 screws, which screw directly onto the junction box screw holes, on which the lamp then hangs. I installed a white lamp holder, and here is the result:

You can see the two screws on the top – I want to dip them in tippex or white paint to make them white… – there is actually just one place of all the flowers where it is possible to secure it like that (for this particular size of junction box).

You can also see the black hole of the junction box – that is to be covered with a piece of white rigid plastic.
What you can also see, are the 3 little rubber feet of the fruit bowl…I did not take them out as I am afraid the paint will come out…but they will have to come out sooner or later.

It is difficult to photograph the real effect, but I can assure you that it looks very nice!

See more of the fruit bowl lamp.

~ Alex

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11 Responses to Ikea fruitbowl lamp

  1. karen says:

    only to remove the three little plastic round bumpers now..

  2. Anonymous says:

    Love this idea! So fresh and cheep! I would appreciate a photo where you show the stuff behind – the electric stuff.
    Thank you!
    KolbrĂșn in Iceland

  3. Anonymous says:

    i love this! i wonder if it could also work as a pendant ceiling lamp….

  4. Chelsea says:

    So does the junction box allow you to easily remove it to change bulbs or something? Can I get that at a hardware store?

  5. Alex says:

    Thank you all for the nice words!!

  6. I LOVE THIS!!! So beautiful, so clever, so simplistic… great design in a new way.

  7. jo says:

    i copied this idea some years ago from ikeahackers and still am planning to send you pictures of my boyfriend’s and my “fruit lamps”. we have two of them, both tracing back to a breaking of the original and late glass.
    maybe tomorrow?

  8. Ryan says:

    Very cool. Nicely done.

  9. analyfe says:

    Wow, what a wonderful idea! That looks really neat.

  10. That is Brilliant. I have seen some good stuff here but that is just so cool. Thanks for the great Idea.

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