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Geektastic lighting

Materials: Hemma Cord Set, copper wire, blank printed circuit boards

I wanted to create some lighting for my apartment that would have a very geeky feel. After looking around and finding nothing I wanted I decided to create something from circuit boards.
I purchased blank printed circuit boards from ebay.
I used copper wire and insulated wire. (Local hardware store.)
I hooked this all into a Hemma cord set, well 3 of them for the 3 lights.

I wired the circuit boards together with the copper wiring visible as one square and two triangles. I tried using 5 of them but it was very heavy, the 3/4 seemed to be a good look and weight, they are hung with cup hooks using the hooks that came with the cord set.

I then suspended the Hemma fixture inside with insulated wiring. The piece that screws together allows for a good tight hold and the lights have held up very well for several months.

The circuit boards create a lot of visual interest because they have many different levels of light they let through. The light also creates a great visual on the ceiling above them.

Total cost was around $50 with materials left over.

~ Sara Reller

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13 Responses to Geektastic lighting

  1. Very cool idea! I am going to get the right tools to build my own lamps. The effect is absolutely amazing. Brilliant.

  2. kanaa futura says:

    I have been making these lamps for a few years now, I call them Borg lamps.All my friends have got one from me.
    Mine are cheaper, made out of circuit boards from old cd ROM drives, glued with silicone.The oldest ones have a whole circuit, while newer ones have two, not so adequate.Wire and lamp sockets abound in the local recycling plant. So I only buy a bulb and a tube of silicon…

  3. Anonymous says:

    If they’re wrapped in brown paper it means that the sellers are worried about static charge (brown paper stops this) – which you’re not, as you don’t intend to use it as working motherboard.

    And blank mother boards don’t have anything on them other than what you see above.

  4. Zac says:

    These are great!

    Just looking on ebay for some suitable circuit boards – did yours come wrapped in brown paper? You did say they were blank – so they come with that “circuitry” already on them?

    – clueless about electronics :)

  5. Anonymous says:

    Awesome idea. FYI, most circuit boards are coated to prevent corrosion, so there shouldn’t be any risk. Besides, most hazardous materials are in the solid-state components (missing in this case), not the boards.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Definitely unique. Looks cool lit up.

  7. Heide says:

    I like them and I know my husband would love them! Great idea :)

  8. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, it would be toxic if you were dumb enough to eat it.

  9. David says:

    Aren’t circuitboards kinda toxic? gallium arsenide, cadmium and mercury. at the very least these would need to be thoroughly encapsulated with (dipped in) something that will harden into a protective coat like expoxy, polyurethane or liquid acrylic.

  10. Christina Loretta says:

    Love the idea of a greenish glow all around!

  11. Jovianshadow says:

    On the geeky theme, they look like Borg Cubes!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Great idea!

    (just wondering why somebody buys light bulb sockets from ikea)

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