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Published on March 14th, 2011 | by Jules Yap


Flyt Miniramp for Fingerboards

Materials: Flyt Magazine case

Description: To convert your Flyt Magazine case into a Flyt Miniramp for fingerboards

1. Take 4 Flyte magazine cases and asemble as instructed.

2. With the instruction paper mark out and cut a template as shown in the photo.

3. Mark out using the template on the flyt case and cut off the scrap area.

4. Using PVA Glue assemble the ramp as shown in the photo.

5. With the scrap card insert stiffeners and ramp tops as shown in the photo.

6. Start to add 3 layers of thick card (File dividers) for the ramp surface as shown in photos.

7. I downloaded many skateboard logo’s and printed on sticker paper and cut to shape.

General Notes

The cost of the ramp is only a few dollars and a bit of imagination and can be designed to what the fingerboard skater wants.

This ramp took 3 evenings to build which is mainly due to the time taken for glue to dry before adding additional layers. The end result is a fairly sturdy ramp which should be able to take some reasonable use.

~ Phil Hibbard, Singapore

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Jules Yap

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4 Responses to Flyt Miniramp for Fingerboards

  1. Lost in America says:

    This is so funny! I love it!

  2. Anonymous says:

    That is pretty cool, I know some kids who would have a ball playing with it.

  3. Pricia says:

    I guess anything now can be considered a hack. This isn’t the first.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Thats a vert, not a miniramp. Mini’s dont have vertical surfaces =)

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