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Spice it Up! Klippan Sofa

Materials: RIT dye, salt, washing machine, Klippan sofa slipcover

When I moved into my Lower Greenville apartment in Dallas, I had a limited budget to outfit an entire apartment. So, of course, I went to every budget-lover’s dream store, IKEA! They didn’t have the couches I originally picked out in stock (thank goodness, because they would have been horrible once I got a dog and boyfriend!), so I chose to invest in the Klippan Sofa. It retails for $229, and has a great shape and size for what I was looking for.

Yet I thought it lacked a little pizazz when it came to slipcovers. You can choose from black, white, natural, primary blue, creepy-quilted, crazy pixel birds, or denim. None of which matched the urban-chic I was going for.

So what’s a gal to do? She goes to the drugstore and buys a few bottles of RIT dye! The process is amazingly simple. Soak your slipcover in the bathtub, start your washer and follow the directions on the bottle. I used a mixture of purple and fuchsia to come up with this eggplant color. It was absolute perfection. I adored my purple couches, and if you take a look at the RIT website, the options really are endless! They have a gorgeous honeysuckle rose, the perfect shade of aqua, and so much more.

When it was time to move out of my apartment and into a home with my husband, I gifted both couches to a friend of mine. Her decor didn’t include purple, however, so she bought two natural slipcovers and did a little dyeing of her own. These are actually crimson in person, not orange.

As you can see, I didn’t have my camera settings quite figured out six months ago! These slipcovers are a lot cheaper than their leather counterparts, and can be a ton more fun. I tried to talk her into the aqua, but she opted for red. If I ever invest in another IKEA slip-covered piece, you can bet your biscuits I’ll be dying it something bright and fun!

See more of the dyed Klippan slipcovers.

~ Brooke, Lake Jackson, Texas

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19 Responses to Spice it Up! Klippan Sofa

  1. Erika says:

    I was thinking about doing the exact same thing because I don’t want to pay $200+ for a custom color my only concern was that the dye would rub off. Did you have any problems with this?

  2. Libryia says:

    I’m exited to try this but while on the RIT website, it says you can’t dye polyester with their products…weird. It seemed to work just find for you, so I think I’ll give it a go anyway!.

  3. Natalie says:

    wow, how did i never think of this before?! great idea! I haven’t’ used RIT in ages, so a question: if it gets wet when it’s on the couch, will it stain the fabric underneath or does it never “leak”?

  4. Martin says:

    The one thing I cannot have with practically all IKEA couches are the badly upholstered armrests. Put the least weight on them and you immediately feel the hard edged structure underneath. A total disturbing letdown for me. Does anyone know whether one can add upholstery? Thanks!

  5. Fred says:

    This hack actually saved my klippan :D The cover was a mess (the white one) and honestly the colors at ikea didn’t match with my interior. But I just read your hack today, and I ran to ikea to buy a new white cover, then some chocolate dye. And it’s just amazing, it feels like a whole new couch !

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  7. BrittD says:

    This is great! Novice question, is the dye permanent? I’ve never done a dye job and wouldn’t want the color to come out if I spill something..

  8. Anonymous says:

    With the help of your blog we just dyed our first ever piece of fabric-a Klippan cover. Thanks for helping us get over our fear of the unknown!

  9. Anonymous says:

    I bought a Klippan sofa with a denim cover on Craigslist and I plan on removing the color and then dyeing it.. What a great Idea!

  10. Do you remember how much dye it took? Thanks!

  11. Anonymous says:

    That is gorgeous! I’m dying (ha ha) to dye a white slipcover for an Ektorp armchair, but I don’t have a washing machine, and the local laundromat looks VERY unkindly on using their machines to do a dye job. Any thoughts on how to do the deed without access to a washing machine?

  12. Anonymous says:

    Do you happen to remember the exact combination/amounts of RIT dye you used? Love love love the color it turned out!

  13. Kaston says:

    If you have those covers around, i would love to buy them from you! I live in North Dallas. Send me an email if you are interested ([email protected]). Using my junk mail account since it will be published, but I do check it once a week. Thanks!

  14. Tiferet says:

    How do you deal with the fact that Klippan slipcovers don’t ever seem to stay tucked in, or did you not have that problem?

  15. Matt K says:

    These turned out really well. Here are other slipcover options: http://www.aliceindesignland.com/blog/2011/1/21/covering-ikea-furniture-with-bemz-slipcovers.html

    P.S. congrats on the baby and hubby!

  16. ackbloggery says:

    Wow, those colours really pop! I might actually have to try this out with mine. I’d also love to see someone do this in a bright lime green… :D

  17. Dwight says:

    I bought a sofa the same as purple one at the top a few years ago and it has been one of my favorite pieces ever since. the perfect pop of color.

    I love this color as a small accent – actually goes with everything.

    interior design school

  18. Brooke says:

    Aw, thanks Anonymous ;) Unfortunately it’s about six months too late. Married the boyfriend and now expecting my first little bundle of joy. Have recently upgraded from modifying IKEA furniture to building my own!

  19. Anonymous says:

    forget boyfriend. marry me!

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