Published on February 17th, 2011 | by Jules Yap


Nyttja frame becomes a notice board

Materials: Nyttja wooden frame

Description: Before, to note to buy or to do list, I used a piece of durable plastic (right). It wasn’t pretty to look at.

So I was looking for another and cheap way to write my list on. I had two Ikea wooden frames, the inset at the back was damaged, I couldn’t use it as a frame anymore.

I painted the frames in gray and pasted the durable plastic on the frame. Then I hung them up simply and I really like them more than before.

~ Laura V., Liège

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3 Responses to Nyttja frame becomes a notice board

  1. Anonymous says:

    I tried writing on the NYTTJA frame but my dry erase marker remained on the plastic even with the use of serious elbow grease and windex. Did you two replace the plastic? If not, what kind of writing utensil are you using?

  2. Laura says:

    yeah, taking a picture of it, I do that too, but must be mentionned to use a thick pencil or even on a good picture it’s sometimes hard to descipher what’s written on

  3. k says:

    This looks very nice! Well done!

    I’ve actually done kind of the same thing with an old Nyttja frame that was lying around. Except mine still has the backboard ;) so you just write with a whiteboard marker.

    I use mine as a monthly calendar too plus grocery shopping list (then you take a picture with your phone before you go). Works like a dream!
    Also, you can change the backdrop colour anytime you like. I truly recommend everyone to hack a Nyttja of their own.

    Great hack! Thanks for sharing!

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