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How to protect your PC from two-year-old child

Materials: PATRULL refridgerator locker, PRUTA food saver cover, utility knife

Description: Resetting or turning your PC off by your inquisitive 2-year-old child can be painful, especially when copying or installing software. You can use adjusted IKEA fridge locker to prevent your PC from such risk.

Make two holes in the food cover so that you can put the strip of the locker through.

Than adjust it to your PC where “power” and “reset” buttons are placed. Additionally you can make a whole for the LED.

Stick the locker to the PC.

Note: as mentioned above – works rof 2-year-old – no idea how much longer.

See more of the PC protection.

~ Filip Baranski, Poland

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10 Responses to How to protect your PC from two-year-old child

  1. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Smith: Unfortunately the power and reset buttons are hard wired. Typically 10 second press of the power button will result in computer turning off. Reset is instantaneous. This is so if your computer locks up completely from a kernel panic or other such error the computer can be turned off or restarted.

  2. Jules says:

    The “wholes” amended. Thanks, anon, for catching the typo.

  3. Maureen Winter says:

    Anonymous go easy, they are not a native English speaker. It is the internet not a spelling bee.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I suggest cutting two holes not wholes.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, but who still has a PC “box”?

  6. smallcool says:

    Yeah, it is more complicate when your kids getting older and older …
    sometime you wake up in the morning and couldnt find your car … lol

  7. Perfect, I’m going to try this. Maybe one for the diskdrive as well…

  8. Anonymous says:

    Crazy. I love this solution.

  9. moiety says:

    Any computer (including one set not to respond) will respond to a power button being pressed for 15-20 seconds, and I have no doubt my 2 year old would manage to do so! Ingenious solution.

  10. mr. Smith says:

    Or you could just set your computer to not respond to a press of the power button (in Windows you go to the control panel/power options).

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