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Dump your old music cabinet


Description: Everything is getting smaller this days: no more vinyls, no more tape decks. But a good amp is still needed, so let’s just get a smaller music cabinet for now.

I created mine from a small Lack side table. I used 4 Besta wheels instead of the table legs. I got at my local hardware store 4 metric threaded insterts. I just had to drill the hole to the correct diameter and screw them in. I also got 4 metric compatible bolts (allen in my setup).

~ Felipe Chas, Madrid, Spain

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11 Responses to Dump your old music cabinet

  1. Anonymous says:

    Creative, yep. Cheap, absolutely. Attractive, debatable. My only concern is that you have to bend down to change the music when you want, assuming that you use the IPod shown as a source. Why not add another lack table to the top and keep your Amp on the bottom to cool and preamp, CD and IPod a little higher to control. Still cheap, just a little taller.

  2. Felipe says:

    @shaun: Besta casters come with a bolt inserted, ready to be screwed. This bolt has an allen rounded head (you can almost see it in my 4th pic), and the thread is metric (M6 or M8 I belive). It is long enough to not be separated from the caster, since it encounters the wheel in its path. The inserts, as you can see in my 2nd picture, have a compatible female metric inside, and are designed to be screed into the wood as per the male thread that you can see in the pictures.
    All you have to do is drilling a hole in the wood to the correct diameter (follow manufacturer instructions) and screw the inserts in. The insters in the pic are to be screwed in with an hexagonal wrench. The ones I used were designed to be screwed in with a flat screwdriver.

    @Anonymous: you are correct it is extremely resistant. I could put 3 times the weight I am putting and still would not bend.

  3. Anonymous says:


  4. Shaun says:

    Looks great! Can you post how exactly you got the casters onto the table? I’m not sure I understand how you did it… when I look at pictures of the besta casters on ikea’s website and then look at the inserts you got i’m not sure how the casters actually go in to the inserts. Do the casters somehow screw in to the inserts or do they just rest inside of the inserts?

    The besta casters I see online don’t appear to be threaded, which is why I’m asking the question. I want to do something similar to what you did except stack 2-3 lack side tables on top of each other and put casters on the bottom shelf… essentially i’d be taking your design and stacking 3 other side tables on top of it, so i’d have a total of 4 shelves including the top one.

  5. - says:

    Reminds me just a little of the “Tavolo Con Ruote” coffee table. Since that’s almost $3000, this is a good substitute!

  6. metai says:

    @Anonymous: I’ve been standing with my full body weight (around 75 kg) on a Lack table, so I would go with: No, it doesn’t strain or sag for in any way reasonable values of “heavy stereo equipment”.

  7. Anonymous says:

    ^ Oh, answering my own question….I guess if you had a considerably heavy stack of stereo equipment, you could put an additional caster in the center, which would give plenty support.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Hey, this looks awesome! Are these cardboard-filled Lack pieces strong enough to hold a pile of stereo equipment? I was wondering if it might strain or sag in the middle.

    Been looking for something like this, probably will have to try it.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Why not add another Lack table on top of this platform to make it enclosed? Althought it would kind of bring you back to the cabinet idea.

  10. Adam Snider says:

    Creative, I suppose, but I think it’s quite ugly.

  11. Tururu says:

    Qué buena solución!! :D

    Un saludete desde

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