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Trofast Children’s Craft Table

Materials: TROFAST Frame, VIKA AMON table top (L: 40 1/8″), 2 GRUNDTAL rails, 2 MALA paper rolls

Description: I wanted a craft/drawing table for my two kids, which would also store all of their materials.

I have two kids, so I needed a table that can be accessed from both sides. I didn’t want a big table that would use up a lot of space in the living room either.

I wanted to use the smaller VIKA AMON, but 22″ high TROFAST frames came in only single or triple sections. So I had to cut one section of it.

1. Partially (only two sections) assemble TROFAST.

2. Cut the extending wood, beyond the second section, preferably, with an electric saw.

3. Add the bottom panels and cut them as well.

4. Put the outer side panel on the top of the inside panel, so that the height on both sides will be even.

5. Install the GRUNDTAL rails on VIKA AMON. In order to fit them and still be able to unscrew the pipe to put on a roll, you have to cut the pipes about 1.5″ both. Before cutting the pipes hammer the part where you put the screw in inside the pipe, a little bit more than 1.5″ back.

6. Fasten TROFAST onto VIKA AMON with screws. We used 10 wood screws.

7. Put the MALA paper rolls on.

8. Put the drawer rails in and insert the drawers.

We actually screwed the tabletop on before installing the GRUNDTAL rails. Later we had to move the tabletop a little bit to the side so that the rail holders would fit on the other side.

The table is very stable. It is a little bit higher that an average children’s craft table since total height is 22″+1 5/8″.

Final Steps:
1. Introduce the new craft table to the kids
2. Make sure they learn to put away their papers, materials and scraps into the drawer bins.

Optional 1: You can make a bigger table with larger VIKA AMON table top (L: 48 3/8′) on top of a complete TROFAST frame.

Optional 2: You can put LEGO base plates on the table and use it as a LEGO workstation as well. I am thinking about adding this feature on by gluing baseplates on a thin plywood I got from IKEA as-is dept and fixing it to the table top with hinges, but I think it will be too much. Maybe I’ll just make it and keep it separate/portable.

See more of the children’s craft table.

~ Pratik Anne, Chicago, IL, USA

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4 Responses to Trofast Children’s Craft Table

  1. Melle John says:

    Thanks for the inspiration, this is great. I just made similar from a Lack table, Paper roll on the side with a skinny white curtain pole, and kitchen rack with hanging pots on the other side for storage. Thanks for the idea. I just couldn’t go for the sawing! So the lack table is ideal size for my 3 and 5 year olds as it’s 55cm square. They have one each! <3

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is awesome! I love it! Thanks for sharing because I’m sure to use this idea to build from.

  3. AP says:

    Love this! Could you make a lego base that could hang/attach to one of the ends of the table? So it can always be at the table and just pulled off and put on top when they want to use it? Like a self-storing leaf of a table somehow… Please post whatever you decide to do!

  4. Jennifer says:

    Perfect Craft table!! Nice job!! (=

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