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Refitting an attic room – storage and room divider

Materials: Pax and Bergsbo

Objectives : designing and planning our attic room with storage (many for Mrs !) and a little office zone.

Initial situation : 25 sq metres without any divider and without any storage

IKEA Materials :
-2 Pax wardrobes in 100 x 240 cm
-1 pax Add-on corner unit (240 cm)
-3 Pax wardrobes in 50 x 192 cm
-5 Bergsbo doors
-1 mirror door

Other materials
-A door
-milled panels
-insulation plates (wool and hemp)
-many battens

1. Assembling and fixing against the wall the 2 huge Pax wardrobes and the Pax Add-on corner without forgetting technical shaft (phone, electricity and ethernet)

2. Fixing battens on the back of pax wardrobes vertically and up to the ceiling
3. Fixing the door with battens
4. Mounting the wall with milled panels without forgetting to put insulation plates between battens

5. Finishing the wall with milled panels

6. Reshaping of the 3 192 cm pax wardrobes to fit under the roof and fixing against the wall

7. Reshaping Bergsbo doors and fixing

Here we are ….. many many storage and a really nice and insulated divider !

~ Madotter, Paris region

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2 Responses to Refitting an attic room – storage and room divider

  1. Logo Design says:

    Its a great combination of storage and room divider. It would prove to be a multi-utility furniture for any room. It is cost effective too.

  2. Success says:

    This seems a bit overwhelming, but it is a lot cheaper than paying a professional.

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