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Modern couch

Materials: LACK tv unit, KLUBBO coffee table leg, cushion material, fabric, screws, wood pieces, L shape brackets

1. Arms:

Use wood glue to secure two pieces of 4X6X21.5 and one 2X4X21.5 together for the creation of the arms. Sand edges then place thin layer of foam filler to soften the top and surroundings of the arms. Lastly upholster both arms.

2. Base:

Take apart LACK TV unit and use the top for the base of the couch where you will be sitting. Secure both arms to the LACK unit. Then place it on top of the KLUBBO coffee table legs and secure.

3. Back:

To upholster you need to find the shape of where the arms and cushions will be and exclude it. Staple fabric down and fill cushion material for the upper half of the back. (The entire back will not be cushioned because it will be pushed against the arms and seat cushions … so avoid that portion when upholstering).

You can also create a tufted look by stapling down the areas you want and placing buttons there.

4. Securing:

Place back and secure it to the base with screws. I recommend to use L shape brackets found at Home Depot for a more stable result.

5. Cushions:

I used two 4X22X24 inch foam for the seat cushions found at thrift store, but you can use any material you like for this portion and just upholster it. I believe you can find this type of thick foam at crafts stores.

6. Lastly make some pillows to go with it and enjoy :D

~ Ayako Nakamine (Micci Do), Salt Lake CIty Utah

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Jules Yap

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16 Responses to Modern couch

  1. Anonymous says:

    love it!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Love it.

    Just what I needed to see.

    I have an old ,tatty couch. Really need a new one.
    2+3 seater , maybe corner.
    But have zero cash to buy.

    Inspirational hack gives me hope.

    THANK YOU Ayako

  3. Anonymous says:

    I love what you did! It’s a great small seating solution and very, very creative.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I am so amazed that you were able to come up with this! Must have taken a long time but it was obviously worth it!

    P.S. way to show david who’s boss :)

  5. Erica says:

    cool blog. I love the creativity

  6. @David – Snap!

    OP: I love this hack. Great job.

  7. Anonymous says:


    This is wonderful hack and a great design for the couch. Love it!

    I also how you straight clowned the people coming in here to put you down on your creativity. A+

  8. Baby Clothes says:

    The modern couch you mentioned here will be a cool stuff for any room. The detailed process you mentioned here with those pictures needs appreciation. Thanks for this post.

  9. Ayako says:

    @ David

    This is for you, please view the link below:

    Do you still want to make the statement that it’s a fail? :D

    Take care, Ayako :D

  10. David says:

    If anyone tries to sit on the arm of this sofa you either tip it over or break the thin base.
    Bit of a fail really.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I think it looks fantastic – better than plenty of “modern” sofas I’ve seen for sale. And I’m sure it was quite inexpensive as well. Great job!

  12. MacMama says:

    Wow,this is a real hack. Great result!

  13. Ayako says:

    @ metai

    It’s an unconventional way to make a couch of course, but you would be amazed at what a few screws and correct placement will do. My husband uses this couch in his home office and I assure you it’s stable. He takes his naps, sits to read, and our dogs don’t seem to mind jumping up and down as well.

    @ prue

    This was done from left over ikea parts and the need for a small seating area in the home office. It’s not meant to replace out current couch in the living room. It was more of a small fun project to see what creativity can produce … and it turned out better than expected. Aesthetically looks great , stable, and very functional. It’s being used daily :D

    ~ Ayako Nakamine (Micci Do), Salt Lake CIty Utah

  14. prue says:

    Maybe the original poster could explain, why this was done – for this special look, or to avoid spending more money on a sofa, or just for the fun of trying it out?

    If saving money was the point, metai’s criticism might be secondary – apart from the fact, that I have seen a lot of designer sofas that to me don’t look more like a sofa than this one ;)

  15. metai says:

    The effort and the idea are both admirable, but I’m deeply unconvinced of the end result. It is built from a bunch of parts that don’t assemble into a couch, and unfortunately it looks exactly like that. Also, while I obviously don’t know first-hand, I am not convinced of the stability of the whole thing.

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