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Love Notes XOXO Chalkboard Cookbook Cabinet Organizer

Materials: Ikea Grevback shoe shelf, chalkboard spraypaint, heart knobs, rhinestone letters

Description: The Grevback shoe holder from Ikea was nice, but I have way more shoes than this cabinet can hold. I decided to make a cookbook holder instead for the kitchen, modeled after this $124.77 one I saw on a different website.

I paid $80 for the Grevback, less than $5 dollars for the paint, about $20 for the letters, and $1 each for the knobs (so $6).

First I taped the doors and used chalkboard spraypaint on the inside center. I did about 5 or 6 layers over the course of a few days, giving it ample time to dry in between coats. Then I put together the cabinet and used heart shaped knobs instead as a decorative accent that I found online. The final touch was adding the rhinestone letters using contact cement.

The cabinet I made says “LOVE NOTES XOXO” but you can add whatever you want to customize it for yourself.

Finally, write a cute message on the chalkboard, and viola! Beautiful chalkboard cabinet for less than the used original one I had found online.

~ Christin Franco, Chandler, AZ

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4 Responses to Love Notes XOXO Chalkboard Cookbook Cabinet Organizer

  1. ** I forgot to add that you sand down the inside of the door to get the clear coating off before using the chalkboard spray paint — this makes it stick better!

  2. Christin says:

    Thanks – I’m making use out of it already

  3. So nice! Putting them all together like that and coming out similar to an original one for less cost. You must feel so accomplished after finishing a work of art.

  4. elsangel says:

    nice furniture…

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